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Original Thread: MYST: Blue pages, bring me the blue pages! [VLP]


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Myst is a graphic adventure video game designed and directed by the brothers Robyn and Rand Miller. It was developed by Cyan Worlds, a Spokane, Washington-based studio, and published and distributed by Bröderbund. The Millers began working on Myst in 1991 and released it for the Macintosh computer on September 24, 1993; it was developer Cyan's largest project to date.

Myst puts the player in the role of the Stranger, who uses a special book to travel to the island of Myst. There, the player uses other special books written by an artisan and explorer named Atrus to travel to several worlds known as "Ages". Clues found in each of these Ages help reveal the back-story of the game's characters.

Development Info
The Myst creative team consisted of the brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, with help from sound designer Chris Brandkamp, 3D artist and animator, Chuck Carter, Richard Watson, Bonnie McDowall, and Ryan Miller, who together made up Cyan, Inc. The company had previously only made children's games. Myst was conceived by the brothers as a challenging but aesthetically simple game that would appeal to adults; Myst was not only the largest collaboration Cyan had attempted at the time, but also took the longest to develop. According to Rand Miller, the brothers spent months solely designing the look and puzzles of the Ages, which were influenced by earlier whimsical "worlds" made for children. According to the creators, the game's name, as well as the overall solitary and mysterious atmosphere of the island, was inspired by the book The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne.

RealMyst Info (this is what I'm actually playing!)
realMyst: Interactive 3D Edition was a remake of Myst released in November 2000 for Windows PCs, and in January 2002 for Mac. Unlike Myst and the Masterpiece Edition, realMyst featured free-roaming, real-time 3D graphics instead of pre-rendered stills. Weather effects like thunderstorms, sunsets, and sunrises were added to the Ages, and minor additions were made to keep the game in sync with the story of the Myst novels and sequels. The game also added a new Age called Rime, which is featured in an extended ending. realMyst was developed by Cyan, Inc. and Sunsoft, and published by Ubisoft. While the new interactivity of the game was praised, realMyst ran extremely slowly on most computers of the time.

Things That May Go Wrong

Well, this is a Video Let's Play, where are the...



Because I am paranoid and don't want to lose these videos to the void should decide to go suicidal, and
since Youtube has granted me the magic of inifinite video length, I've decided to fully abuse these new powers to
create an alternate youtube host for those that would prefer it. It's too late to add it as part of the episode list so just watch it from the youtube profile page list. Enjoy.



#1: Where Am I?:
#2: Why did I do this?:
#3: RAID anyone?:
#4: This doesn't look too safe:
#5: It almost fits!:
#6: The Crow's Nest:
#7: Inconvenient Power System:
#8: WHY:
#9: Music Powered Flight :
#10: Welcome to Dirt and Water:
#11: I Didn't Sign Up For This:
#12: TickTock:
#13: How Is This Safe?:
#14: Drum Roll Please:
#16: P-P-P-P-Pages!:
#17: Let's Have A Tea Party!:
#18: Page Fourteen!:
#19: This is Nice And Will Suffice:
#20: The End!:

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