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Part 2: Why did I do this?

Update 2 (An Update? AN UPDATE!)

Thing that went wrong in this video

Paracelsus posted:

You do lose out on the insane levels of detail they poured into those pre-rendered backgrounds, though.

I actually liked Myst III, because the worlds were so amazingly beautiful for that exact reason. The panorama system allowed for even more to see, so I have no complaints about it.

I agree. My number one reason for not just outright doing the original game was the added content in this game along with the severe pain in the butt it was to get my old disc to actually cooperate for recording.

Upright Sloth posted:

That MOTHER FUCKING  rocket ship  puzzle haunts my nightmares to this day. Worst Myst puzzle in any of the games. I am 110% tone-deaf; I think even after looking it up online I had to spend close to an hour fiddling with trial-and-error to get it to work.

The puzzle you are talking about is hands down the most annoying puzzle I ever had to solve. I'm having nightmares just thinking about when I eventually have to do it for this thread.

#2: Why did I do this?:

Extra Content!

Since I'm sure some people would like to read or at least listen to what Atrus has to say about the next level we're entering, I decided to post up the journal entry along with a dramatic reading for those that would rather listen then read (or that would like to read along)

Link to the journal entry

Audio for the "dramatic reading":

Also the accompanying image for the end of the journal that is meant to be a nice "hint":

*End of Content*