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Original Thread: The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed - Let's Play Red Dead Redemption!



Red Dead Redemption is a sandbox game in the style of Grand Theft Auto, set in the Old West. It was developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games. It was released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2010. I'll be playing the PS3 version.
Red Dead Redemption deviates from the standard Grand Theft Auto formula by giving us a protagonist who, while he has a troubled past, is recruited to do good (if morally questionable) deeds. You can commit crimes in this game, but the focus is more on performing the tasks you're assigned by people in order to reach your end goal - kill Bill Williamson - as fast as you possibly can. While a version of the Wanted system returns, Red Dead Redemption focuses on Honor and Fame. You can perform honorable or dishonorable acts throughout the game, and this reflects how NPCs react to you on the street. You can the most benefit in this game from playing Honorably, so that's what I'll be trying to do.

Red Dead Redemption is set in 1911 during the decline of the Old West, in and around the fictitious state of New Austin. The game is centered around John Marston, former outlaw and gang runner. Marston spends his days as a farmer, but terror finds him when the Federal Government swoop down and kidnap his wife and child, holding them ransom in exchange for his co-operation in hunting down and capturing one his old gang members, Bill Williamson. Marston's interactions with the residents of New Austin form a series of stories that flesh out the in-game world and give it incredible depth and beauty.

Main Storyline
Opening Sequence (No Commentary)YouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
A Stranger In TownYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
A Genius, Two Partners and an IdiotYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Silver SaddleYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Man of the EastYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
My Name Is NobodyYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Go Kill Everybody and Come Back AloneYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Treasure of Silver LakeYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Annie Get Your GunYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
The Big GundownYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Texas, AdiosYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Gunfighters of Casa GrandeYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Viva Maria!YouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Ace HighYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
A Minute to Pray, A Second to DieYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
The Price of PowerYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Tempo di MassacroYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
A Bullet For The GeneralYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
A Fistful Of DollarsYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Django, Kill... If You Live, Shoot!YouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
For A Few Dollars MoreYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
I Will Survive (Survivalist Challenge)YouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Navajo JoeYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
The Man With The Golden Gun (Sharpshooter Challenge)YouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Dutch CourageYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Return to PastureYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Jack the KnifeYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
The Great Train RobberyYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
The Last Enemy That Shall Be DestroyedYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
The Buried Treasure of New AustinYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Flogging Skinning a Dead HorseYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Bristling CharismaYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Five Dollars'll DoYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
You're Kinda In My ShotYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
Honesty is the Worst QualityYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload
My Name is Inigo MarstonYouTube (via Polsy)HostedDownload

Bonus Videos
Dastardly!YouTube (via Polsy)
Awfully DickensianYouTube (via Polsy)
Medical Science Cannot Save You!YouTube (via Polsy)

Newspapers are available at certain intervals throughout the game and can be perused at any time through the inventory. I'll be posting copies of the newspapers as they become available. They often foreshadow events or explain more about events that have already happened.
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