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Red Faction Guerrilla

by Jade Star

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Original Thread: Alec Mason, Space Asshole. Let's Play Red Faction Guerrilla



Let's Play Red Faction Guerrilla

Hey there everybody I'm Jade Star and I'm going to LP this here game. Red Faction Guerrilla, or RFG, was just a game sitting in the forgotten corner of my steam library until I re-discovered it, installed it, and played about an hour and a half of it on stream. That was all I needed to think 'I have to LP this. It's so good'. The short of it is that RFG is fun, it's really fun. You can demolish everything. Blow everything up. Demolish any obstacle in your path with a magic sledgehammer. The game engine makes the destruction so much fun to watch and so satisfying. RFG makes Mars your red sand box and tells you to go nuts. Have all the fun you can think of by destroying any and everything you lay eyes on. RFG was released in 2009 by Volition, published by THQ. Two names pretty well known for good games. Volition is also responsible for the Saints Row games, and The Punisher on Xbox, one of my favorite old games.

Get your ass to Mars

I'm doing this LP mostly blind, as is my co-commentator AhrimanPK. We streamed an hour and a half of this game and then stopped because I knew this LP had to happen and I didn't want to spoil any of it for myself. Because of this neither of us know a damn thing about the plot, or anything else past Parker sector. If you know the game, please don't spoil plot or story. Do not spoil the story. If you want to talk about weapons or gadgets or minor things we haven't gotten to yet, that is fine. Honestly I doubt the story is going to be the biggest deal in the game, I'm here for the explosions, but don't ruin it for me.

I'm going to divide the videos up in two formats. Story missions will be done in post and there will be 'Sandbox' videos done live. There is a lot of free world sort of stuff to do that stops you from blitzing through the game hopping from story mission to story mission. These side activities are pretty diverse and fun, and include demolition challenges, helping out the residents of mars, blowing up EDF structures, defending Guerrilla holdings, and more.

Space Asshole?

Ohhh yeah. RFG lets you do incredible stuff. It also lets you be the biggest physics asshole in a game since maybe ever. I am going to be plowing into people, ruining their homes, their buildings, exploding everything they hold dear. Make no mistake, Alec Mason is a space asshole. Click here to enjoy the original Space Asshole music video.

Bonus Stuff

Failed Ambush
The Chimney
One Wheel Drive
The Guard Shack
Thermoberic mistakes


#1 - Welcome to Mars
#2 - Cleaning up Parker Sector
#3 - Welcome to Dust
#4 - Exploring & Destroying the Dust
#5 - Industrial Revolution
#6 - Blowing up what's left of Dust
#7 - Echos and Ashes
#8 - Making the Badlands worse
#9 - The Mohole
#10 - A Tough Nut To Crack
#11 - Inefficient Sabotage
#12 - We forgot about Jenkins
#13 - Confusing the definition of 'Withdrawing'
#14 - Blowing stuff up to kill time.
#15 - The Guns of Tharsis
#16 - Exploring Eos
#17 - Human atrocities and stubborn bridges
#18 - Revenge of the Bridge
#19 - Corporate Murder
#20 - The weakest plot twist ever. And one actual twist
#21 - We come in peace
#22 - Liberating Eos
#23 - The Last Stand

Samanyas DLC Videos

Samanyas story begins
Marieners Valley
Goobye Mars
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