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Original Thread: I Forgot To Put A Pun In The Title: Let's Play Remember Me



About The Game

Remember Me is an action-adventure game not to be confused with the Robert Pattinson film of the same name. Developed by French studio Dontnod Entertainment, it was published by Capcom in mid-2013 to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Originally the project, called Adrift, was to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive that Sony signed Dontnod onto. However it went through a bunch of design changes between its start in 2008 before it got cancelled in 2011. Capcom bought the project and Dontnod settled on the game taking place in the late 21st century with the concept of manipulating memories of characters being an integral part of the story.

The game has a lot of influence from series such as Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia and I guess you could even argue the recent Sherlock Holmes titles. Mostly, it's about navigating through the level to find an area to fight with enemies or the boss. How does that reflect the Sherlock Holmes games I mentioned? The memory manipulation is a puzzle that you have to solve and, frankly, is probably the best part of the game which they didn't expand upon further sadly.

Remember Me is very story heavy game and was praised mostly for it's writing as opposed to its gameplay. The developers also got a fair bit of press when they revealed a lot of the publishers they spoke to about picking it up didn't like that the player character was a woman of mixed race who didn't kill the enemies. The design purpose, as Dontnod put it, was to have a story about "emotion, intimacy, identity, and the way technology would intersect those" which they felt a female protagonist was best suited for.

Added to this, the game has a pretty great cyberpunk art style and theme going on that isn't in your face all the time which I appreciate. It's probably one of the better sci fi games with a well written story that isn't cheesy.

The two writers for the story are Alain Damasio and Stéphane Beauverger. They are two French Sci Fi writers who won the equivalent of their country's Hugo Awards for their previous works.

About The LP

This will be a video Let's Play and will primarily focus on progressing through the story. Personally I would love to have discussions on the writing and themes in the story but that's up to the thread to sort out. In terms of gameplay there are hidden treasure bits throughout each level but I found them to be of little to no consequence to the overall story so this won't feature any "the treasure is here" segments.

I'll be playing it on the PC though with a controller though the PC version does have keyboard and mouse support.

Regarding spoilers

Please do not ruin the plot for people in thread unless the latest video contains that information. As I said, this is a very story driven game and it's pretty shitty to ruin the plot for people.

Each update will be on a "when it's done" schedule.

Background Lore

So, for some backstory to the game lore: Neo-Paris is in a dystopian future full of all sorts of Orwellian nods (the game is set in 2084 after all). Here's a timeline of events in a quick format, with the more indepth Mnesist found below it.

1984 - Antoine Cartier-Wells is born.
2013 - Antoine moves to San Francisco on a scholarship from France where he meets Molly. While in the USA, Antoine begins to come up with the concept of the Sensen Engine technology.
2014 - Parisians begin to riot, while the first Sensen Engine Headset is created and tested on Molly.
2015 - Molly begins working with Antoine on the Sensen technology, creating a prototype ring to interfaces with the Sensen tech.
2016 - Antoine and Molly marry and move their experiments on Sensen technology to Mombasa, where the children there yield promising test results.
2017 - A video game company approaches Antoine with an offer to use the Sensen technology in one of their games. Molly develops the App Integration Path and relocates to Rio De Janeiro to continue her research. Antoine discovers unusual hacker traffice centering on communications and data transfer in Rio during the 2017 Olympics.
2018 - An anonymous hacker group claim responsibility for the Experio Hotel bombing in Rio, killing 200 which causes the government to shut down all flights. Molly is among those injured in the attack.
2019 - Molly, still in the hospital, is monitored by Antoine. Using a re-calibrated Sensen headset, Antoine communicates with a paralyzed Molly and then plans to expand the technology to be able to read the prefrontal cortex. At her request, Antoine takes Molly off life support.
2020 - Antoine relocates his company, Memorize, from San Francisco to Hyperbad, India.
2023 - Five hundred test subjects yield promising results for the Sensen Engine's expansion.
2026 - Memorize signs a deal with Congolese company, VMK, to design smart glasses.
2028 - HUF VMK smart glasses are revealed.
2033 - Antoine's Sensen technology is accused of "mind control" by the Indian populace.
2035 - The Nile of Egypt dries up. In Bangladesh, an increase of flooding is noticed while in the Artic the first summer without ice is held. The Sensen Engine is accused by bloggers of "gatekeeping" and invasion of privacy.
2036 - Memorize factories open to mass produce Sensen Tablets.
2037 - Claudine, Antoine's second wife, announces her pregnancy on New Year Eve. (December 31st). Antoine attends Global Summit in London, England on the new growth industry.
2039 - Charles Cartier-Wells is born. The Channel Tunnel is bombed by a terrorist group during an attack on the European Union, British Separatists are suspected in the attack causing rioting to spread in Paris. Antoine's parents are killed during the riots.
2041 - The French Government collapses, and an early version of S.A.B.R.E. Force is created to protect the people of Europe. Rioting continues to spread throughout the European Union and Memorize concedes to agreement with the military to utilize Sensen to monitory national security. Sensen uses personal information of its users to monitor civilian movements throughout the city.
2042 - Populace begins to leave Europe in mass relocation as authorities begin to set up perimeter fences and anti-personnel netting along the boarders of Burgundy, Alsace to protect the masses.
2043 - Memorize joins in the "Stay at Home Program" in an effort to keep people off the streets and rioting.
2044 - Russia defends its 1700 long mile Boarders as German refugees approach Russian borders.
2046 - Vienna is destroyed by a Tremora bomb detonated by Russia, leading the atmosphere to in the fallout to be toxic. Russian closes its borders to the rest of Europe.
2047 - Paris is attacked with a Tremora bomb, seeing the French Government and local authorities abandon the city.
2048 - Claudine and Antoine end their marriage with divorce.
2050 - A Food crisis begins to affect Europe in the face of populace uprising and riots. Memorize begins to monitor the emotional fallout of its users in the aftermath of Vienna.
2052 - Protests in New York condemn Memorize's "exploitation" of the Vienna Atrocity. Sensen sales increase tremendously after T-bomb attack. Mayor Eugene-Hubert Cabron request that Antoine return to the ravaged Paris.
2056 - Law of the Stone Age* is enforced. Zena Giauuopoulos is rescued from the Balkan peninsula. Memories of sexual abuse, death of family and torture are altered by manipulating her emotional response to memories. Experimentation is successful: Zena remembers none of the torture she experienced and wishes to return to Greece.
2058 - 2060 - Antoine begins planning to remove hate from the human memory but his experiments fail when he can't isolate the impulse it reacts to. Fuel companies promise to provide devastated populace with 100% energy in a span of three years.
2061 - Five companies pledge to aid Memorize in rebuilding "Neo-Paris".
2062 - Antoine creates an Artificial Intelligence that recreate new memories using old ones. He dubs the process Memory Remixing.
2064 - Charles, Antoine's son, cracks his father Memory Engine and perfects the remixing technique.
2065 - The first attempt to surgically implant the Sensen implant, Senwall, is broadcast live throughout social media.
2072 - Vincent Applan is the first recorded suicide-by-memory wipe victim. Hackers speculated to be the cause of the suicide. Spokes person, Michelle Degrad, informs public Memorize is not responsible for events caused by tampering with the Senwall implant.
2073 - Memorize begins advertising Sensen to the public.
2074 - Antoine resigns from the board of Memorize, and then begins to adapting the Sensen for Open Software usage. The Errorist Movement begins and are accused of hacking into Memorize by authorities.
2076 - Memory Junkies begin to populate Slum 404, where Antoine relocates himself. The Errorists make their presence know via audio transmission.
2078 - Memorize begins to warn the Neo-Paris populace of the Leapers. Charles offers to remix his fathers memories.
2082 - The Errorist Trix is arrested for detonating a bomb in Neo-Paris. S.A.B.R.E. Force is mobilized to assault Slum 404. Trix sends a coded message to the Errorists, which leads Nilin to locate a tech expert called "Architect" to decode it.
2083 - Antoine finally agrees to have his memory remixed by Charles, leading to his accidental death during the procedure.
2084 (Prior to Remember Me) - Nilin is arrested and taken to La Bastille where her memories are wiped.

Mnesist Entries

As with most games there are treasures to find throughout Remember Me called Mnesist. They're memories of other people scattered throughout the level to help provide in-game context to why things ended up as they did. In the videos I didn't cover them since I didn't think they were overly important to the main plot as a lot of stuff starts to link together at the end, but Kurieg is a good man and transcribed them.

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