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Republic: The Revolution

by Olive Branch

Part 1: Arriving in Ekaterine

Chapter 1: Arriving in Ekaterine

There is goon participation in this chapter!

The small nation of Novistrana is an Eastern European state sandwiched between Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine, but what put it on the map of many Westerners were the events of the Second, and later, the Third Glorious Revolution. Ask any Novistranan about these two events and chances are that they experienced the latter with their own eyes, but only a handful have lived through both, and barely any are left to recount the tales of all three Glorious Revolutions.

The First Glorious Revolution coincides with the rise of the Eastern Bloc following World War II, where all Novistranans (or at least, those who voiced their opinions publicly) embraced Communism and considered themselves a true part of the Soviet Union. Victory over the Germans and a desire to return to the roots of the proletariat were in the minds of many, but few Novistranans actually managed to see any progress over these years.

When the wall fell and the Soviet Union splintered, many (if not all) Novistranans were in shock as they saw in the fall of the wall the fall of communism, their sole national ideology. Many were in greater shock still when Vasily Karasov, previously known as being the head of the Secret Police of the small town of Ekaterine, rose to power as President. Karasov declared this to be the Second Glorious Revolution of Novistrana, declaring a week of holidays and claiming the title of "President-for-Life" for himself. What followed was a brutal dictatorship that saw many Novistranans killed, sent to re-education camps, or simply disappear in the night. A resurfacing of varying ideologies came during this time, and despite Karasov's iron grip, a number of nascent political parties, factions, gangs, and cartels formed and fought for the support of the common man and woman of Novistrana.

One such faction was able to overcome the petty squabbles, inner rifts, and dangerous politicking that plagued the other factions. This was the Novistranan Coalition, led by the defiant Piotr Prokofiev, a charismatic young man that led his people to overthrow the tyranny of Karasov and install a new government in power, effectively ending the brutality and nearly all traces of the previous regime. This revolution occurred in 1996, but it is still relatively fresh in the mind of any Novistranan who was alive at the time. Historians began calling it the Third Glorious Revolution, but only now, years after the revolution itself, the details and intricacies of the movement have surfaced.

Documents written by Prokofiev's lieutenants, memos from other factions, raw video footage and photographs taken by rally-goers and brave citizens, interviews with Novistranans directly related to the revolution, and even diaries from the man himself have been made public in the newly-renovated Novistranan National Archive thanks to the Freedom of Information Act of 2006. The estate of Tresori Vilnov, a Novistranan intellectual active before and during Karasov's regime and mentor of Prokofiev, has also provided information regarding the revolution.

What follows is the cooperative effort of three years of research from Natascha Dvorak, historian and author of the academic bestseller "Novistrana's Third: Prokofiev's Coalition and Its Impact on Novistranan History", and the mind of Ivan Egorov, author of popular Novistranan novels such as "The Casino Cartel" and "Clouds Over Pugachev". They hope to release a biographical yet somewhat narrative-oriented series of books dealing with the Third Glorious Revolution.

* * *

Piotr Prokofiev's Diary - First Entry: 16/02/1996

I have been away from Novistrana for far too long, even if it has been only a few months. I have prepared years for this, and my resolve is unshakable. Karasov's regime will be toppled, whether by force or by peace. Novistrana cannot suffer another year of his tyranny. I travel to Ekaterine tonight. I must make sure my documents are ready. I'm sure they would withstand a casual inspection, but with Karasov clamping down on the borders, I'll take any measures so the guards do not have reason to question me.

Today, the Novistranan Coalition spreads its wings and takes flight. I only hope it is not a day too late.

Piotr Prokofiev's Diary - Second Entry: 17/02/1996

Home sweet home. Many years have passed since I was last here. The town of Ekaterine looks the same but somehow feels different. It feels... heavy, as though a weight were pressing down on the people. Ekaterine never used to be like this, it seems Karasov's terror has spread even to here. I must reclaim the town. I'll get back in touch with some of my old friends.

Semyon Titov, Josef Nasarov and Boris Filatov should still be around here somewhere. They should be able to help me launch a new movement, just like we talked about when we were young. I should headhunt one of them to become my right hand man. The question is, who?

Semyon's parents were local farmers and he followed them in that tradition, but he always did have a head for government. Apparently he's made it into the city council as a representative from Prokovief Plaza, and he's quite shrewd at the grassroots level. The people like a down-to-earth man.

Josef... Ah, Josef. Still working in farms and factories like when he was young. I'm not surprised he's become a voice of the unions, and the working people love to see one of their own take the lead. I could use a man like him if I need to get the workers and unions on my side.

Filatov continues to be the playboy he always was, but he's still got a lot of influential and rich contacts thanks to his family. Capitalism has made quite a few people rich, and good old Boris never left our side despite his wealth. Status is still very important in Karasov's regime...

I must decide soon. I know that whoever I take up as the Novistranan Coalition's second man will guide our entire struggle, so I must avoid any ideological rifts.

* * *

Goon participation!

Republic: The Revolution opens with a questionnaire asking you a number of ideological questions in order to determine your character's stats and his ideology, but I feel that it'd be good goon participation to let you pick our first lieutenant. So, pick our first lieutenant! Whoever you pick will determine Piotr Prokofiev's ideology at the game's start, but don't despair! I may mix up the Novistranan Coalition's ideological make-up... and perhaps Piotr himself will change his worldview more than once during his journey.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Semyon Titov: Politician

Semyon is a local politician and a recently retired farmer. He is new to the politics game and is just finding his feet at the grassroots level.

Semyon is our first Influence recruit. He knows Canvass and Investigate, the first being a support-raising skill and the second a knowledge-gathering skill. His profession is Political, and politicians excel at gathering support, buffing friends' stats, and weakening enemies' stats. Influence beats Wealth, ideologically.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Josef Nasarov: Union

Josef has worked on farms and in food factories all his life. He is concerned that workers' pay and conditions are at an all-time low and the switch to capitalism has had little effect. Recently Josef has been trying to persuade local workers to join the Food Processing and Packers Union.

The burly unionizer is our first Force recruit. He knows Canvass and Scout, basically the same skills as Semyon. His profession is as part of an Union, and unionizers are not only good at gathering support, they can also attack enemy support. Force beats Influence, ideologically.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Boris Filatov: Business

Filatov is the son of a millionaire. A tearaway and a bit of a playboy, his exploits are only kept in check by the fact that his wealth is drip fed to him via a trust fund. This young man has yet to find anything with which to occupy himself; with a little direction he could be very useful.

Our trust fund kid is also our first Wealth recruit. He knows Poster Campaign and Survey, again the same skills as Semyon. He is in Business, and Business professionals not only gather support, they also learn to weaken other characters nicely. Wealth beats Force, ideologically.

Remember, our first lieutenant will decide whether we go on a Force path, Influence path, or Wealth path. Also, if you want Piotr to have a particular inclination to follow within that ideology (e.g. "I vote influence and I want Piotr to have religious fervor!"), let me know in your vote.