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Part 52: Bonus Chapter 3: The Music of Republic: The Revolution

Bonus Chapter 3: The Music of Republic: The Revolution

If there is one thing that Republic: The Revolution did right, it was the soundtrack. Composed by James Hannigan of Evil Genius and C&C: Red Alert 3 fame, the stirring soundtrack during the menus and during the game are catchy and set the mood very well. If the game was as polished as the soundtrack, it could have been at least a sleeper hit. Sadly, this is not the case, and the soundtrack of Republic is one of its only uncontested positives.

What follows is the full soundtrack of the game, and after it, music that I've already showcased in the LP in their respective chapters. I do not have "gameplay music" to share, as it is basically a long loop of the melodies of the songs below.

Track 1: The Rise of Karasov
Track 2: Arriving In Ekaterine
Track 3: A New Day Begins
Track 4: Karasov's Legacy
Track 5: March of the Old Guard
Track 6: Old Novistrana
Track 7: Blood Brothers
Track 8: The Buskers of Ekaterine
Track 9: Journey to Pugachev
Track 10: Covert Operations
Track 11: Pugachev by Night
Track 12: Net Enyeta
Track 13: Calm Before the Storm
Track 14: Journey to Berezina
Track 15: Taking on Karasov
Track 16: Nightfall
Track 17: Remembering Ekaterine
Track 18: Net Eveta
Track 19: The Overthrow
Track 20: The National Anthem

Track B1: Republic: The Revolution Main Theme
Track B2: Entering Ekaterine
Track B3: Entering Pugachev
Track B4: Entering Berezina