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Republic: The Revolution

by Olive Branch

Part 53: Bonus Chapter 4: Gameplay Videos

Bonus Chapter 4: Gameplay Videos

As per reader requests, I have recorded gameplay videos of Republic: The Revolution. In these subtitled videos, I introduce the game's first town, Ekaterine, and play it through a bit. I show off some tips and tricks on how to play the game, how events take place, what the interface is like, etc.

Video 1: The Novistranan Coalition Takes Flight
In this video I explain the basics of the interface, showcase the conversation minigame, and recruit Josef Nasarov to our side.

Video 2: Ekaterine at War
In this video we have discovered every faction in Ekaterine. We start dealing with enemy actions and plot-crucial political maneuvers.

Video 3: The Great Leap Forward
In this video we have taken over all of Ekaterine and I let Piotr ramble on his soapbox while I give my impressions on the game, the concluded Let's Play, thank my readers, and hint at the future...