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Part 54: Bonus Chapter 5: Alternate Paths

Bonus Chapter 5: Alternate Paths

With great thanks to Servant for his assistance, we've compiled all of the alternate paths that we could have taken in our revolution. While it's worth remembering that all paths lead to taking over each city and eventually overthrowing Karasov, these alternate paths deserve spoiler tags because of their story potential. Not that the game ever references back the consequences, mind. You can be a schizophrenic leader and your people will still love you no matter what.

Servant also has poured his creativity and hard work into crafting a nicely detailed re-imagining of the Novistranan Coalition's paths by narrating small dialogues between the inner circle and special characters. This "what if" and his dialogue are in separate chapters: this one is a purely shortened version that summarizes the alternate paths of Republic: The Revolution. With that said, here they are!

Freeing Pyotr Chenko from Vostok Green:  Take over Ekaterine by distributing working-class propaganda through an underground printing press. 
Freeing Robert Tarasov from Vostok Green:  Take over Ekaterine by manipulating the church and delivering weekly sermons praising your faction. 

Starting a crime syndicate:  Take over Pugachev by going into "partnership" with a kingpin, and then exhibiting your power by starting a massive sports riot. 
Building a business empire:  Take over Pugachev by buying out a business magnate, getting the city's business board to acknowledge you, and then preventing the Red Mafiya from sabotaging the oil refinery by holding a strike. 
Failing to convince Oleg Numenas to help with the smuggling records:  Bribe a war veteran from the Spetsnaz to assassinate Arkady Ilyushin rather than get the government involved. 

Investigating the military black marketing:  Liaise with a sergeant about the illegal arms trading the government is involved in and then expose it, thereby displaying the ineptitude of Karasov's rule. 
Seizing the broadcasting tower and using it:  Convince a radio engineer to broadcast your grandiose speech, first taking the heat off of him by holding rallies and riots until he's ready to broadcast it. 
Pursuing (and merging) with Organized Anarchy:  Convince Dmitri Barkan to martyr himself for the cause of liberty, then expose the archbishop's embezzlement to take over the Cathedral; eventually you get to hold a Legendary Speech and initiate the Influence victory of the game, People's Revolution. 
Bringing in the UN Peacekeepers:  Hold a charity gala to find evidence of human rights abuses, get the UN envoy's attention by holding protests at the districts he visits, and convince him to send in the blue helmets to disperse the military blockade.