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Part 16: Episode XVI: Please Insert Disc 2

Episode XVI: Please Insert Disc 2

When last we left our heroes, they were backtracking so much they somehow met up with themselves backtracking. That doesn't make sense... Well, let's get on with it, in any case...

A, you guessed it, long hallway presents itself past the water door. Many a room await our duo. Though, very few have anything interesting in them.

Door #1 leads to RPG Villain's old hangout. We can now see he was not staring at a wall while <not> talking to Rebecca. He was examining his VHS collection of old episodes of Saved by the Bell. Also, leeches.

He also left a vise handle on the shelf. Why, of all the rummaged through junk in the room, a vise handle would stand out...? It's shiny, of course.

Door #2 leads to a bar. Since any upper management training facility needs a fully stocked pub.

"Hey, it's a piano. I used to take lessons, ya know."
"No, I didn't know that or remotely care about it. Now, let me think about tits for a few minutes so I can erase that wasted knowledge taking up room in my brain."
"I'm gonna give it a whirl."

"Who gave you lessons? Fucking Helen Keller? Get the fuck off that thing before a pissed off zombie Mozart wanders in here and I have to waste a shotgun shell on him."
"You can play?"

"I use the line 'you can come over and see me grand piano all the time."

So that's what? Two copy and pasted puzzles from earlier titles? There was the identi-puzzle in the torture room from Resident Evil 2. Now this. Well, hell. If you count collecting three emblems to open up the second half of the game, that's straight from Code Veronica.

"Rebecca, get your ass back there and find the best bottle they've got."
"But, I don't drink."
"Did I say it was for you?"

I see they're using an industrial strength battery to operate the puzzle mechanism. But, of course.

"Crap. I got locked in. What do I do?"

"Leave it to me, baby. I'm a man of style and class."

"Now shove that bottle of bubbly in your gay little fanny pack and get a move on. I'm gonna need that to get shitfaced when I'm snorting lines of a Thai hooker, once we get out of here."

The pair move on to the door at the end of the hallway... Which leads to yet another hallway with two more doors.

Door #1 just leads to an item restocking room and some more "Umbrella is evil. lol." horseplay.

Door #2 leads to a use for that vise handle that was picked up five minutes ago. How convenient.

"Move it. Manly work time!"

"What does your tattoo say?"
"Why's it say that?"
"To remind you I fucked your mom. Bwahaha."
"My mom died in a car crash."
"That's because she was so out of breath from me banging the shit out of her that she lost control of her car."
"Too far?"

"Well, what are you waiting for? Manly work is done. Pack mule work is up to bat."

And with that, just one more to go.

Are elevators powered by car batteries a common thing? And, didn't we do this item fetch in Nemesis, as well?

Beware. The block puzzle cometh.

"Why can't I just stand on your shoulders and get the thing up there?"
"Because you'll never learn that way."

So, there we have it. All three tablets are now found: In a burnt out fire place in the basement, stuck in a vise in a store room, and on top of a pillar outside. I hate this game.


Just shove our items in the three slots and that door up there should unlock to a shiny new disc.

Yep... Any second now...


What? What just happened? That was it? No boss fight? No cutscene over five seconds? I think even Rebecca and Billy were confused the disc change time was here.

Oh well, tune in next time for...

Ah, what the hell. Here's a brief glimpse of disc 2.

The giant phallic observatory didn't have its mystery door unlocked by those emblems. Oh no. Those emblems...

They cause the entire fucking building to drop a floor.

Oh, and the door unlocked.

Tune in next time for another silly giant animal boss and more!