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by Zackcat & Weird BIAS

Part 1: Fan Art & Bonus Material

CrushedB posted:

Thanks to my uncle at Capcom, I've uncovered actual lost concept renders for Resident Evil (GBC):

They were really trying to make up for the small screen and color palette with a more stylized, psychological horror approach, I think.
CrushedB's Uncle is a pretty cool dudebro.

Reive posted:

Reive made these awesome Weapon dance gifs!

Zombiebeard posted:

Fuck you ceiling I'll take the shotgun if I want!
The Story of a boy and his shotgun.

WrathOfBlade posted:

Live webcam footage from inside the Spencer Mansion:

Wrathofblade gives us an in-depth look at the world of a mansion snake.

Max posted:

I am not sure exactly what Max believes in, but Rebecca's face is assuring enough for me.

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