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Part 33: Episode XX: Another Brick in the Wall

Episode XX: Another Brick in the Wall

When last we left our hero, he was getting molested by a giant plant causing him to recklessly fling about hefty files recklessly and accidentally kill his sidekick. With that said, let's back up a sec...

A slight crink in his back causes Chris' trajectory to go awry.

"Don't worry, there's only four or five pages actually written on in the book."

Well, assuming it's a zombie giant plant, it'll just take a Phoenix Down or Elixir. But nobody ever wastes Elixirs. Ever.

Knowledge absorbing in progress............complete.


And so Rebecca quietly exits the room.

Becky rushes to the nearby chemical room, where her one and only noteworthy character trait can be put to good use.

"Oh, hell. Mixing stuff? If I wanted to watch something boring I'd look at your life. I'm going to go fuck with Dean Cain. If I can get a word in edge wise while he's shrieking like a little girl because a plant is sort of just spinning him around in the air. If I still had arms I'd pull that tentacle out and whip the rest of the plant to death with it. Remember when I piledrived that zombie monkey off a cliff? Good times. Good times."

On the wall is a helpful hint to this puzzle etched in chalk. Numbers one through three correspond to the three base substances in the room.

We'll need three empty bottles for this next stunt of handling clearly marked containers of liquid in a specific order, which is well above Mr. Redfield's skill level.

Right, then. The three base substances. We have:

Water. It looks not unlike water.

UMB No. 3. It looks not unlike cough syrup. Seeing as Umbrella is a medical company, it likely is cough syrup.

Lastly, we have Yellow-6. I think that's that coloring additive that's in everything. Umbrella invented that? Gentlemen, I believe we've discovered the source of Umbrella's income to fund all its secret labs and kooky experiments.

Mixing water and UMB No. 3 gives us. NP-004. Well, now we just have grape cough syrup. It still tastes terrible! Let's try adding a little Yellow-6 to the mix.

Now we have UMB No. 10. Which I am told tastes almost entirely unlike tea.

Let's try mixing water with Yellow-6.

That gets us UMB No. 7. It's a bit worrying when a product named by its color turns bright green when added to water. Let's mix the UMB (I don't think we're supposed to know Umbrella is evil yet, at this point) brews together.

VP-017?! That's like the best VP you could ask for. Goes great with tequila. Kicks like a mule like that, though. Let's add some UMB No. 3 as a mixer.

Pouring all these elements haphazardly together in non-specific dosages and shaking them up produces good old V-Jolt. Looks like liquid shit. Just what the doctor ordered.

Rebecca makes the long, roundabout trip back to the Aqua Ring.

The door to Plant 42's roots is right next to the control room entrance. I just didn't mention it earlier, as a giant fucking zombie shark was barring down upon me.

And here are the roots in all their implausible, tentaclely glory.

Rebecca carefully applies the V-Jolt. And by carefully, I mean she likely just flings it about wildly. Perhaps shielding her eyes and squealing while doing so.

Whelp, that's the last time we'll ever play as Rebecca Chamber. Ever.



Meanwhile, Chris Redfield...

Just took a nosedive into the floorboards. That man-eating plant sure takes its time with its meals. Chris died from poisoning in a third of the amount of time it took to do that whole puzzle and backtrack half way across the facility. Heck, most Umbrella facilities would have blown themselves to bits in more time than it took that thing to do anything but flail about with Chris in tow.

I'm still unclear where Point 42 is. Is it on the roof? Is it in the roof?

Chris scowls at the possibility of it being in the chimney. Why would they put named points in the chimney? So Dick Van Dyke can clean it out while singing a whimsical song about colossal sentient plants in a wavering Cockney accent?

Speaking of chimneys, that fire place has something glowy like in it.

You're shitting me... We're going back to the mansion? We're not going back to the mansion... Good grief...

Dejected, Chris wanders back outside.

Gah! How could you possibly have run all the way from the Aqua Ring in twenty seconds  or even the minute the actual fight with the thing takes. 

"You're a douchebag."
"You're a...I was going for faggot. But, I like your style, kid. Maybe you'll catch on one day."

"I spent an entire day with Dr. Quinn here and I needed her help a total of zero times. This is your what? Third time in like two hours? Did you break a nail, honey? Do you need Becky to file it down for you? It could get infected!"

"Oh, boy. Finally..."

"A shark's angry maw where he was ripped into shreds and is now half digested in a dead shark's belly. Had the shark not died, it would have gotten indigestion because he was a blockhead. It was very funny."

"And now, I'd just like to take this time to..." <clears throat> "BWAHAHAHA! Thank you and goodnight!"

I suppose just standing their slackjawed and watching him get eaten is close enough.

This conversation is just a wee bit disjointed.

"It's cool you're not dead and stuff. Disregard any strange smells coming from the direction. It's been a really long couple of days and I need to put my medical degree to good use. Later."

Chris goes to check up on Rebecca.

"This is a euphemism for Becky is busting out her chemical mixing set for recreational purposes. You game, Redfield?"

Tune in next time for whatever happened to Jill Valentine.

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