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Part 41: Episode XXVIII: Already Gone

Episode XXVIII: Already Gone

When last we left our heroine, she was I in the most godawful boring cave and...she's still there. So is Barry. It's like a big spelunking bash. With that said, let's continue...

I'm surprised they haven't revealed this cavern also connects to Birkin's lab under Raccoon City. The unused mansion a quarter mile away does. You'd think they'd be on the ball with that.

Is that the mournful cries of a tortured soul? Nope...

Just an avid sports fan.

Didn't Barry already encounter Lisa? I mean, he does radio you about her, while apparently getting his ass kicked, before you even encounter her. Oh well, Barry Burton is on the case now...

The case of completely pussing out.

Sure, Barry. Strike a pose with the gun that is a foot longer than your head. Send your teammate to investigate the howl from the depths deep underground. You're a real pal.

Bonus Burton Rapeface, should you return to see what's shaking.

Leaving Barry to his devices, Jill sets off to explore the area.

In the lower portion of the room is a trash compactor. I'm sure that won't have to be used in the near future. Trash day isn't even until Thursday.

Jill heads back up past the elevator and enters the next area.

I'm really got to wonder what Umbrella was doing with this huge mine below its secret laboratory. It's not like they were trying to excavate ancient mind controlling parasites. As that would be silly in this point in the series.

Oh, hey. Barry had a change of heart and decided sending Jill into the lair of the Deep Ones was a bit of a dick move.

Nope... Barry is still just a dick...

We only get a vague glimpse, later on, as to what happened to Lisa. There is actually a supplementary, and rather lengthy, prequel story about it as well as Wesker and Birkin's youngster researcher days. Capcom used to have a translated version on their website, but it has since been taken down. A shame, since the pictures that went along with it were actually rather creepy.

Though, for the record, it still manages to be more of a relevant prequel than the entirety of Resident Evil Zero.

Oh right, ghoul infected with every virus in Umbrella's book trying to cave Jill's skull in. Should probably hurry along.

This area is a big loop with a pair of exits jutting out of each end. This one is locked and has a copied and pasted weapon rack curious indentation next to it.

On the other side of the area is the activation switch for the thing. Unfortunately, a shotgun won't cut it this time. We're going to need something bigger. Something with more umph. Something much stupider.

But first, there is a crate in need of pushing it.

And by god, we're going to push it!

Then, send it on its merry little way down the stream. I'm supposing it'll end up back by the elevator. Unless there's multiple underground streams in this joint. In which case, Jill has just made a terrible mistake.

Jill returns to the elevator area.

I know Barry is getting blackmailed and all, but to wait until your teammate returns before speeding off with the only way out... I'm sorry, but Barry Burton is a dick.

Though, I am really questioning why an elevator doesn't have a call button at the bottom... I think this is the only instance in the entire series in which an elevator, a fully powered one at that, going to another level is a major dilemma.

Oh well. Archaic block puzzles will hopefully lighten the mood.

For times when smashing things open with a crowbar just isn't going to cut it. So, what was in that crate, that Jill is randomly transporting and destroying?

Nice fucking going, Jill. Nice fucking going...

Jill returns to Lisa's corridor, busted flamethrower in hand.

Poor Lisa really got the short end of the viral monstrosity stick. No claw arms, extra heads, additional limbs, or fire blood. Just...really long arms.

Well, that and the ability to shrug off being shot in the face with a rocket. Still, I'd be peeved.

Well...this is just a wee bit creepy.

I've heard Martha Stewart's house looks just like this.

It's never really said as to how long Lisa's been roaming about the subterranean depths of the estate or...had a cabin in the woods, for that matter. But, knowing Umbrella, it's probably been the better part of a decade now.

I'm now picturing all the semi-intelligent monsters of the series having dorm rooms and chilling out. They could make a sitcom out of it. Nemmy, Buck, Lisa, Alexia, and Señor X sharing an apartment. I should pitch a pilot. If Cavemen got on TV, I think I've got a shoe-in. Mendez, Saddler, and Salazar could be the wacky neighbors.

Since we're already breaking into Lisa's room, might as well loot it for all it's worth.

Must have been a meager Christmas... But, to make up for it, a file!

A family picture and notes

I wonder how many other Umbrella employees had their wives 'mysteriously vanish' while they were visiting the job.

There's something written on the back.

Umbrella had class back in the day. Not only would they kill you, after you finished your job. They'd kidnap your family, use them as lab rats, then possibly kill them too. Nowadays, it's just some guy from a mini-game machine-gunning you in the office. Shame...

Wesker Report II reveals they tested the viruses on Lisa. All of them. Progenitor, T-Virus, G-Virus, Nemesis Parasite, Alexia's brew, the stuff Joe in accounting was dabbling with, a bit of Ebola virus, probably Wesker's Plot Device serum. I wouldn't be surprise if they retconned Las Plagas into the equation.

Real nice of them to take notes of who they'd murdered on the back of a family portrait. You don't see that kind of cartoonish evil much, these days.

Is War and Peace scribed onto the back of this thing?

If there's one thing this new plotline gives me hope on, it's that every single architect of every building in the series was brutally murdered at some point down the road.

Shakespeare this ain't.

I don't actually understand this little plot thread. Umbrella apparently saw it fit to dress a lookalike of Lisa's mom up and have a nice little dinner together in between bouts of devil's brew syringes. wasn't a well thought out plan.

Yeah...that's yeah...

Poor soul got trapped in a block puzzle. That's what hell is going to be like for me. Block puzzles for eternity. I can't wait...

Sufficiently pleased looting Lisa Trevor's room and stealing the only photo of her family left in existence, Jill scurries into the reaches beyond.

And so the cave story comes to an end. Jill climbs to safety and they all live happily ever after. The end.

...I hate my life.

Tune in next time for reoccurring boss fights, a puzzle or two, and the possibly horrible death of one of our heroes!