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Part 44: Bonus Episode: Wesker's Report II (Part I)

Bonus Episode: Wesker's Report II (Part I)

Well, we're on the last legs of the our journey through survival horror. So, before the token run down laboratory area, we're going to take a bit of a breather.

Some of you may know of the Wesker Report bonus DVD which came with preorders of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X for the PS2. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is a recap of the series told by Albert Wesker's viewpoint. It spoils the rest of this particular game, but I think most people already know what is going down, at this point. You can read about it here:

Or even watch it in all its terribly edited glory

What most are likely unfamiliar with is that there was a sequel to the first Wesker's Report. Chronicling Albert Wesker and William Birkin's youngster researcher days, as well as fleshing out the <retarded> origin of the T-Virus and the <equally retarded> Lisa Trevor plotline, as well as the <undoubtedly retarded> Ashford family.

Capcom, at one point, had a <poorly> translated version of the thing on their website. But, it has since vanished into the ether. So, for the disc change intermission, here's the thing in its entirety, cobbled together and slightly edited (for mostly consistency sake) from multiple sources <read: varying degrees of crappy translation> for your viewing pleasure.

If you prefer your Resident Evil backstory less convoluted, feel free to skip this one. If not...I hope you're up for some lengthy reading.

Wesker's Report II - Story 1 "Female Test Subject"

July 31, 1978 (Monday)
It was summer, twenty years ago. I was eighteen years old when I visited there for the first time. I can still smell the stench of the air stirred up by the helicopter's rotor blades.
The mansion looked perfectly ordinary from the sky. But on the ground, I sensed something seemed different. Birkin, who was two years younger than me, seemed interested in nothing but the research paper he was holding.

We had only been reassigned to that place two days earlier. The very same day, they decided to close down the executive training center we had belonged to. This looked to be either carefully planned or pure coincidence. It is likely only Spencer knows the truth.

Where we now were. This was the American research laboratory where the T-Virus was being developed. This was the Arklay Laboratory.

As we got off the helicopter, we saw the Laboratory Chief was waiting for us at the elevator. I don't remember his name. It's irrelevant. He was simply a formality; the Arklay Lab was ours and ours alone. Being the head researchers, we were given full authority over all projects being conducted in the lab. This was, of course, Spencer's intention. We had been chosen.

Ignoring the chief, we both immediately boarded the elevator. We had been briefed and memorized the layout of the lab earlier, so his assistance was unneeded. As for Birkin, he didn't mean to be rude. He was the type that never had time for others. He passed by without looking up from his document.

Most people last around five seconds before resenting us. But, the chief had no reaction.

Because I was an egotistical young man, I ignored the chief's unusual lack of response. After all, I was the there because I bent over backwards for Spencer and danced to his tune. This man was our boss because he understood Spencer's motivations better than I and acted accordingly with his wishes.

During our descent, Birkin's eyes never strayed from the research files. It documented a new type of filovirus, discovered two years ago in Africa. It was known as the 'Ebola Virus'.

Across the globe, thousands of people were currently researching the Ebola virus. Most worked toward ways in which to cure and treat it. Though, a select few saw its potential toward more sinister goals.

As far as it was known, the Ebola Virus carried an estimated 90% death rate with infection. Once infected, it takes roughly ten days to destroy body tissue. At current, there is no vaccination and no cure. If it were to ever be used as a weapon, it could be used to devastating effect.

Of course, the Biological Weapons Convention prevented legal research into the virus' uses as a weapon. However, it is perfectly within limits to conduct research into its treatment and prevention of ever being used in warfare.

There is but a thin line between the two lines of research. At best, the only difference is the way it is worded. Working to prevent and cure the virus. It's important to remember that in order to prevent the use of it as a weapon, you must first have knowledge as to how it could be used as one in the first place.

However, Birkin had no interest in either of these routes. The virus had too many flaws.

First of all, the virus could only live outside a host's body for, at most, a few days. Any exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet rays) would simply cause it to die.

Secondly, due to the speed it kills the infected organism, there is little time for it to move onto and infect another host.

Lastly, the virus is transmitted via physical contact by body fluids and secretions. As such, it can be easily quarantined.

However, consider this:

What if a person infected by Ebola, brimming with contagion, were able to stand up and move around? And, in their dimmed state of consciousness, were able to then go around and come into contact with others who weren't infected?

What if the RNA in the Ebola's genetic code were able to influence the genes of humans? And, what if this change caused the host to simply not die, but to also give them inhuman endurance?

A person could be, for all intents and purposes, dead. Yet still manage to spread the virus in this state, becoming a sort of 'bio-organic weapon'.

Luckily, Ebola did not exhibit any of these characteristics.

However, if we were able to engineer a virus with these capabilities, we and we alone would be able to monopolize the biological warfare market.

It was for this goal Ozwell Spencer created Umbrella Incorporated. To the public, it would appear Umbrella was a pharmaceutical manufacturer specializing in viral treatment and research. But in reality, it would simply be a front for bio-organic weapons development.

Everything began with the "Progenitor Virus" and the discovery of its ability to rearrange human DNA.

In order to manufacture Biological Organic Weapons from this Progenitor Virus, we would first need to develop a new strain which would strengthen and hone the characteristics we desired.

This was the genesis of the T-Virus project.

The 'Progenitor Virus' is an RNA virus. RNA viruses are known for their tendency to mutate. That tendency allowed us to manipulate them more readily. To strengthen their peculiarities toward our goal.

Birkin theorized the possibility to splice the Ebola genetic code with the Progenitor Virus in order to stimulate these desired capabilities to create a new, enhanced viral strain. Luckily, our sample of the Ebola Virus was awaiting us in the laboratory before our arrival.

After several transfers to elevators leading to lower levels, we finally arrived at the bottom level of the facility.

It was there that Birkin finally pulled himself away from the documents.

It was the first time we met 'her'...

We were never briefed on her existence. She was the laboratory's most classified project. Data on her never left the confines of the installation.

She was twenty-five years old when we met her. Her name, her background, even how she had gotten here were all unknown.

She was simply an instrument, a human specimen, to be used in developing the 'T-Virus'.

Records showed testing on her had begun November 10th, 1967. During those eleven years, she had been the guinea pig of all viruses produced in the Arklay Laboratory's experiments.

Birkin muttered something under his breath.

Was it to curse or to praise her?

We realized we were beyond the point of no return.

Were we to lead the research to a successful conclusion or to rot away, the same as she? Of course, we had no choice.

The sight of that woman, bound to her shabby hospital bed, moved something in both of us...

Was this also a part of Spencer's plan...?