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Part 56: Episode XXXVIII: We Will Rock You

Fuck it. Browser rape it is! But, nothing further until we get a new page. The next two updates are large and huge, respectively.

Episode XXXVIII: We Will Rock You

When last we left our heroine, she had defeated the Tyrant. Oh, and the mansion's self-destruct mechanism had been activated. With that said, let's continue...

You'd think Jill would get uncomfortable with a guy twice her age leering at her tits.

The pair exit the elevator.

Barry gives Jill a knowing nod before trotting off.

Jill proceeds to quizzically stare off, pondering the meaning Barry had with that nod. (Hint: Get the fuck out of dodge).

Chimeras are coming out of the woodwork at this point. I guess self-destruct sequences transcend meaning, even to hybrids that spit in the face of god.

Of course, there's one last loose end to take care of. We can't leave without our drug ridden, frequently confused, man-baby co-star.

Case in point. The door is unlocked. There is a looping announcement over the PA that all doors are unlocked. And what is Chris doing?

"I miss my mom...."

Jill has no trouble going ahead and taking the credit for something she had absolutely no hand in.

"Wesker is dead. But kinda not... I think things could get complicated. Also, that ghost guy you were talking about was hitting on me so I had to take him down."
"Coen?! He's still alive? Err... Well, ya know. How'd you beat him? Mace?"
"Nobody uses mace anymore. That got old hat ages ago. I used a good, old fashion grenade launcher."
"...I wish I got a grenade launcher."

I guess the whole 'don't get blown up, hope Brad hasn't given up after six hours' thing is still on the agenda.

I'll just go ahead and add that Wesker neglected to take away Chris' weapons when he locked him up in his cell. Was there no point in Wesker's plan that wasn't utterly flawed?

I mean, hell. What was he going to do with the Tyrant once he'd released it? Hold its hand and lead it out like it was fucking Ico? Would it get distracted by birds while he went around and did block puzzles?

Chris runs off. Jill follows not particularly closely behind. She backtracks across the rest of the lab back to that emergency exit from the beginning.

"Alright, alright. Jesus. You were the one who was sitting in the unlocked cell waiting for rescue."
"Dude, that's totally lame."
"Shuddup, butterball. You got bitch slapped across the room after trying to gunwhip a monster twice your size."
"Let's just go..."

Chris soldiers on ahead of the group. He really wants to get out of here for some reason.

Oh... I guess he's had a bit of alone time to ponder that fishing trip. He does already have the vest.

I'd say Brad was kind of an asshole for only radioing the team all of three times the entire course of the game (which takes place over roughly seven to eight hours, if it begins around 10ish on the 23rd and concludes at dawn on the 24th).

But, then I remembered that nobody on Alpha Team has a radio aside from Wesker. And Wesker's a dick. So, I guess Brad gets a pass on that one.

The rest of the group catch up to Chris. Barry and Chris begin running in perfect sync, to see if it weirds out Jill. This, of course, flies over her head, so it is a wasted effort.

Along the way is a conveniently placed...

...Fusion Unit? The hell are we powering here? A Sega Game Gear?

Jill scoops up the battery portable fusion reactor and loads it into the nearby elevator.

Bulletin: No it isn't.

A noise comes from down the hall.

"Oh, wait. It's cool. I know her."

"Who the hell are you?"
"Rebecca. I'm from Bravo Team."
"Who now...?"
"The other team... The ones you completely failed at saving. The ones you waited a whole fucking day to come looking for? Them."
"Doesn't ring a bell."
"Where've you been?"

"Puzzle solving!"

"Oh my Cod! Chris, I don't like your friend!"

Jill seems opposed to the whole 'not dying' thing.

Rebecca and Barry run into battle.

"If there's anything dangerous up there, just scream really loud."

Chris strikes a pose. I suppose the man really hasn't too many heroic moments in the series. Unless you count regularly getting your shit ruined by Wesker 'heroic'.

Chris runs off to join the party just as the elevator arrives.