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Part 22: Episode XXII: The Rumor Mill

When last we left our hero, he's fallen for the old chick asking to help move a massive van trick. Poor gullible bastard. With that said, let's get a move on...

Take note of that large dust chute to the left of Leon. This will be important later.

Behind door #1 we find...

A kennel. What else would you keep right next to the garage?

"Hey, fuck you, Rocket!"

Leon got busted by a drug dog back in college. Which, in turn got him expelled and ultimately landed him this shit job. He's been a bit bitter ever since.

Jojo isn't letting this animal cruelty stand, however.

McGruff declined to comment on this horrendous incident.

Further into the kennel is a manhole. But, since Leon is utterly unable to improvise, he'll need to let it be for now.

Back in the earlier hall, Officer Kennedy comes upon yet another roll of film. I've got to wonder if they're all the single picture or there's just a single picture taken and the rest of the roll is wasted. In either case, I'm not going all the way back to the dark room to develop this right now.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a town of roughly 100,000 and this is, by all accounts, the only police station in the city. So, 100,000 people and two jail cells... Is there any aspect of this city that isn't a logistics nightmare?

Leon let's that police officer power trip come loose on the first male character he encounters.

"Where the hell did you go? There were two rooms in the hall and I went into both of them..."

I bet it was (SPOILER: Umbrella was behind everything). It's really going to be a big reveal.

This cutscene has all of four camera angles and a lot of . I think it needs some cheap augmentation...

John, huh? Well, hell. That narrows it right down.

Ya know, I think if your partner vanishes for a couple months, things may be over between the two of you. Ada is the ex-girlfriend from hell. Though, I've gotta say this "John" fellow was slick as hell by not giving his surname.

Yeah... Really, now. What's the correlation between zombie outbreak and missing boyfriends. Yeah, Umbrella, sure. But some low level researcher isn't exactly going to be relevant to a reporter's search for the cause of this.

Well, there's the Eyepatch key for the first cell and the Parrot key for the second one. Then the Hook for the kennels and the Pegleg for the van in the garage. All scattered, to prevent terrorism, you see.

Well, have fun in a cell without a toilet, ya maroon.

Hey, now. There is was Marvin and Chief Zodiac Killer. Stop making such broad assumptions.

Rookie cop and Ms. Rove-You-Rong-Time are as safe as you can get.

How do you even know these things?!

"Hey, the manhole opener is on the shelf behind me. Might wanna...oh never mind..."

Ada runs off.

Were this Code Veronica, this thing would be two miles away in another complex and broken in three pieces.

Ada has once more completely vanished. Or is back in the garage wondering what the hell Ben was talking about with this "back of the building" business.

There's giant spiders down here the brief sewer pathway. I'm not talking about them, as they are icky. I once hid a fake plastic spider in the bed of a girl that had arachnophobia. She smashed a goddamn ukulele over my head when she found out of my trickery.

Those tiny guitars fucking hurt.

Were I a more cynical man, I'd say this was an inverted version of the last save room Claire was in with some swapped background details.

Nothing of note in there, back in the hall leads to a boss fight placeholder septic tank area.

Leon finds a panel demanding the four chess pieces Leon is half way to collecting. Joy.

Leon returns to the previous hallway.

Is this girl completely spaced out or is it just me?

Tune in next time for a sub-character bonanza in Episode XXIII: Let's Play as Secondary Characters.