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Part 44: Episode XLIV: Missile Attack Confirmed

When last we left our heroine, she had finally defeated the Nemesis by means of an extremely gimmicky battle utilizing filthy water. With that said let's...

SHIT! I'm not sure what kind of warning system shakes the entire facility or why what is essentially a sewage treatment plant can detect nuclear missiles. But I do believe it's time to get out of dodge. Or make it to the Vault. Whichever shows up first.

Jill heads back outside. It wouldn't be Resident Evil endgame if there weren't nude, genital lacking undead.

The camera also switches to a strange angle showing something bubbling below. Probably just some pent up gas. I mean, what else could it be? The Nemesis' corpse was clearly dropped straight below the previous room and it was about a ten foot drop.

Ms. Valentine takes one detour before checking out the shutter Nicholai cackled past. The dead scientist's keycard has a use here, as does that key that went in the device next to that goddamn water puzzle.

Most useful keychain since the grocery store MVP card.

That's right. We have Rocket Launcher action well before the final boss fight. Too bad, at this point, a pistol is about the most weaponry that's required...

Jill heads back into the corridor and unlocks the shutter to... I still have no idea why we're still in this facility. But hey, it's got to lead to something. Maybe the sole bathroom in Raccoon City.

Or yet another communication device rig... Haven't seen many of those.

Though, this one has a PDA that doubles as an ICBM detector. You can also play Doom on it and play Mp3s.

Jill attempts to walk away and shocker. The radio begins beeping. They're not even trying anymore.

I'm really baffled how anyone thought there would be escape from generic run down Umbrella facility #31. If anything, it should be a bigger death trap than usual. But, what do I know?

Nicholai does not fuck around. Well, except when investigating oil spills and spark plugs. But when it comes to killing, he's all business.

Luckily, Jill manages to duck behind a stool for protection.

Two options are presented to our heroine. Let's try negotiating with the fellow. I mean, he is more or less the only villain in the series who isn't utterly batshit.

Nicholai immediately stops firing as soon as Jill comes out of cover. Since, while fairly sane, his competence level is up to company standards.

Is that going to be a bullet in your forehead, a three foot long spike through your abdomen, or the exclusive mutagen injection leading to creeping vagina blob package?

"Reasons that are likely completely obsolete considering the situation in the city. But I'm hoping these guys won't realize that..."

About three fifty.

Nicholai suddenly gets bored with his monologue and decides to take the Bond villain approach of leaving before actually getting that whole 'confirmation of death' thing. Despite being in a fully equipped combat chopper.

"Hey, Nicholai!"


Quick. Think of a good one-liner, Jill! Umm... Umm... Here's your bonus! No. Negotiate THIS! Time for retirement! Nah. Crap umm...

"Your mom sucks cocks in hell!"

"Aha! I am invincible!"

"Unfortunately, my helicopter seems not to be..."

"I really need to work on those one-liners."

"I solved two complicated puzzles, unlocked the bulk of the facility, killed the monster that's been chasing me the last three days, and shot down a helicopter. Killing scores of mutants and zombies in between. The FUCK have you been doing?!"

"There was a helicopter here? I've just been looking for the toilet."

Remember this guy? Remember Carlos Oliveira? The guy who was completely giving up the fight when there actually was a chance to escape? They're still miles from the city limits. The only possible means of escape has blown up. There's a nuke that'll be here in ten minutes. And now he's Mr. Fucking Optimistic?

Carlos' escape plan involves randomly mashing buttons on the panel.

Followed by running off into the fully explored facility like a spaz.

The portable ballistic detector indicates the missile will be here in about five minutes. Shit...

At least this place is up to Umbrella evacuation code. Completely sealing off the only escape route in case of an emergency. Oh... Wasn't Carlos back there. Sucks to be him.

This seems like, at least, a slightly more rational route for the unbelievably off chance there might be an exit.

What do we have here? Sure, this place is going up in nuclear hellfire in about five minutes. But there's always time for files.

Incinerator Manual

I'm sure this will never come into play in the next five minutes.

Nope. No use at all to old J.V.

Jill takes out the last bit of zombies she'll encounter in Raccoon City. I'm going to miss these guys.

The building gives way to an outdoor junkyard. Which randomly quakes for no apparent reason. Maybe this missile isn't actually nuclear. Maybe it's just setting off all the self destruct systems peppered throughout the town.

Looks like there was quite the battle here. The final file of the game is found on the ground. Well, actually, there is one more you get if you collect all the files, read them (not just cancel out), and get them in a specific order in the menu screen. Also, appease assorted Survival Horror gods. I did all that and still didn't get it. So you know what? Fuck it.

Classified Photo File

A rail cannon... They brought a giant laser cannon to fight mutants and zombies? This just took a turn for the

Jill scoots past the Tyrant corpse and heads off to meet her destiny...

Tune in next time for the dramatic conclusion in Episode XLV: The Last Escape.

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Nicholai and Jill chat:

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