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Original Thread: Let's Step Into the World of Survival Horror with Resident Evil 2 [VLP]




Episode 01 - Enter the World of Survival Horror

Episode 02 - Cancelled Parties

Episode 03 - Speedruns

Episode 04 - Escalation

Episode 05 - Inventory Management

Episode 06 - "Friends"

Episode 07 - Multiple Personality Disorder

Episode 08 - Room of Death

Episode 09 - Divination

Episode 10 - Fixing Space

Episode 11 - Sewage Quality

Episode 12 - Trouble in the Kennels

Episode 13 - Halloween Costume Ideas

Episode 14 - Technical Difficulties

Episode 14.5 - Silent Evil

Episode 15 - Dying A Lot

Episode 16 - Employees Only

Episode 17 - Challenege Accepted

Episode 18 - 2X Puzzle Combo

Episode 19 - Not An Employee

Episode 20 - Leon Finale

FINAL Episode - Your Mother's About to Explode

Super Bonus - Dress Up Time

Super Bonus - The Mercenaries

In 1998 Capcom released one of their most anticipated sequels: Resident Evil 2. With a $5 million advertising budget the launch was an unparalleled success, selling over 380,000 copies in its opening weekend and grossing $19 million (accounting for inflation that amounts to about $26 million today). Over 15 years later those numbers might not sound very impressive to people who are used to games hitting over a million copies sold overnight, but back then it was actually enough to break the previous record held by Final Fantasy VII and it surpassed the revenue of every Hollywood movie with the notable exception of Titanic.

Today Resident Evil 2 still remains one of the most revered entries in the series, touted by many as the best in survival horror. With the disturbing ambiance and wonderfully creepy soundtrack it's kind of hard to argue its praises. One of the big changes Resident Evil 2 introduced was the "Zapping System", which enabled certain actions players did as one protagonist to affect the subsequent playthrough as the other. This gave the feeling that both scenarios were happening simultaneously and were two halves of the same coin, rather than the "what if" feeling between Chris and Jill in the first Resident Evil. Resident Evil 2 was released as a 2 disc game, but rather than the Final Fantasy method of "play disc 1 and then put in disc 2 at the appropriate time", Resident Evil 2 split their discs between the two playable characters. Leon gets one disc, while Claire gets the other. After beating the game as Leon you can convert your save from "LeonA" to "ClaireB" and play through as Claire, seeing the story from her perspective. The really interesting part is that the game changes significantly depending on whose disc you play first. This essentially means, for the completionists out there, you can play this game four times and get new content each time. Without further ado, allow me to introduce the cast of Resident Evil 2.

Leon Scott Kennedy

Leon is a new recruit, fresh out of the police academy. He requested assignment to the Raccoon City Police Department due to the mysterious murders in the Arklay Mountains near the city (the very same murders that prompted Raccoon City police to dispatch the S.T.A.R.S. unit, leading to the events of the first game). On the day he was supposed to start as an officer of Raccoon City Leon apparently overslept, causing him to arrive well after nightfall. When he does arrive, he finds Raccoon city has become a far more dangerous place than he could have ever imagined.

Claire Redfield

Claire is the younger sister of Chris Redfield, one of the two protagonists of the first Resident Evil. Claire was very close to Chris, and even received training under him in hand to hand combat as well as firearm handling. In the months following the events of Resident Evil, Chris has mysteriously gone missing. Claire has taken it upon herself to find her missing brother and travels to Raccoon City, home of Chris' S.T.A.R.S. unit looking for answers.
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