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Part 35: Episode XXXV: Smile

Welcome back. When last we left our hero, he was committing sin to the tune of amateur camerawork. Now, that he magically knows Ashley's location based on a video camera clip, he sets out to do that whole rescue thing. That said, let's continue...

Nothing else is on the old tube today, so Leon skips off.

More dank corridors open ahead. To the left is...

That wacky taffer, The Merchant.

The Merchant has quite a few upgrades kicking, including the Striker's exclusive, which gives it a 100 shot shell drum (100 shots included!) Which, is the decisive item that makes it the superior shotgun in the game.

On Normal difficulty, the Tactical Vest is also available for a healthy fee. This item reduces damage to Leon by 30% and gives him a modification to his outfit (which, unfortunately, will not show up in cutscenes for the PS2 version ) But, this is only worth purchasing if you are pretty lousy at this game.

On Professional, it's not even available for purchase (I vaguely recall it possibly being available in the Gamecube version, but being useless on Professional.) As a final note, you cannot sell this once bought.

Making his purchase adjustments, Leon trots forth.s

Around the corner, we have a closed garage door.

Yes, they have a guy around the corner with a garage door opener at the ready while two others lob explosives. Yes, that's the best they could come up with.

Yes, it doesn't work out well.

A few foiled Ganado ambushes later and Leon heads upstairs and around a few corridors toward Ashley's location.

Unfortunately, it's locked. Also, it smells.

Leon tries the nearby double doors to the right.

It's an ice stage with the slippery platforms. I hate those stages.

Oh well, only one room left.

The Operating Room... Oh man, what happened here? Turk must have lost his lucky do-rag.

That room is inaccessible. Nearby, however, is another locked room with a kindergarten special-ed level puzzle.

You need to rotate the color types to make a connection from the top left arrow to the bottom right arrow on the border.

To start the connection, you need to have the blue triangle at the top corner facing down. To end the connection , you'll need the bottom red triangle facing down as well. Congratulations, you've solved 2/3 of the puzzle just by starting it.

After that, it's just the craaaaazy task of rotating the green triangles until the puzzle solves! You win the prize!

An open door!

In here lies a love letter from our fallen comrade. Or that slimy prick that died a while ago we barely knew. Whichever...

Also, unspeakable horrors. But, no need to dig up dirt at this point. Let's see that memo.

Luis' Memo 3


Doctor, Lord Saddler wants a soldier that can regenerate for his army. Can you do that?

Sure can!

Alright, Ill check back in next week. Have it ready by then.

The following week...

Alright, doctor. Is it done.

Is what done?

The regenerating monster.

I made a giant!

I call him El Gigante. It's Spanish for "The Gigante".

How the fuck did you manage to make a giant out of making a monster that regenerates?


Just make the regenerating monster, please. I'll be back next week for the results.

The following week.

Come in! Come in!

I take it you've succeeded this time.

Indeed I have!

Then, where is it?

They're invisible...

They...they who?

The bugs, of course!


I call them the Novistadors! It means...

I can speak Spanish! We're speaking Spanish right now! And that's barely a word. You made that up! Where are these stupid bugs then? Oh, wait. They're "invisible."

Ah yes! Let me get the lights.

Did you see them now?

Yeah... I saw them...

The following week.

I swear, I'll shoot you if you don't have the regenerator this week.

Don't worry, Phil, my boy! It's right here. That's pretty scary... You did a fine job here, Doc. And this thing regenerates when hit?

Indeed so. Indeed so. Let me demonstrate!

Well...there's still a few kinks to work out...


They still need their glowing weak points!


"At an incredible speeds?"

Though, Rachel Ray's voice cripples them every time.

Oh gawd, he we go again with the leeches...

We could, of course, remedy this with armor or you know, anything other then leaving them naked. But feh... They can regenerate. They'll be fine.

Thanks, helpful tip from beyond the grave man.

Around the back we have a corpse clutching a keycard.

"Couldn't...let last creaaaaaaa-m---- Blargh."

Just then, Leon hears a crash. He turns slowly toward the door to investigate.


"Is there something caught in my tooth?"

Will Leon be able to topple this latest foe? Is there something stuck in said foe's teeth? Tune in next time to find out in Episode XXXVI: Metal

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