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Part 36: Episode XXXVI: Metal

When last we left our hero... GAH ARGH WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING?!?!

I think that about catches us up...

Meet the Regenerators. Or, if that's too long, the Notzombies. These guys, like the name says, can regenerate any lost body part. Not that has been much of an issue for adversaries up to this point, but that's these guys' thing, so lay off.

The regenerator can have holes blown in its stomach, its head blown off, lose an arm, lose a leg, and keep on ticking. Their attacks are a close club which hurts, a stretching arm grab to a neck bite attack, which really hurts. They also have a third attack, which happens when they have a leg shot off. In this state, they'll squirm about doing the worm. Which may seem harmless, until they jump up and latch onto your neck with razor sharp teeth. This attack is spooky, so avoid shooting off legs and you won't have a problem.

As far as defeating a regenerating not-zombie? Leon can't, efficiently, at this point. He will be able to in a few minutes, but a few minutes is not now. You cannot stun do any melee attacks (Suplex, Kick, etc) to the regenerators, as they just shrug off damage. Fire or explosives will make them recoil for a moment, giving you a few seconds to make some distance from these guys.

At this point, you can shoot wildly with a shotgun into the monster's chest and hope for the best. It will take quite a few shells to do so. But, it's not worth the ammo or risk. Do come back later to finish off this jerk, as these guys...

Have some profit hidden up their naked undead asses.

Leon fights or flees, keycard in tow, and heads toward the freezer.

May the Lord smile...

...and the devil have mercy.

You can just imagine Leon thinking "this freezer sure is cold" and nodding to himself.

What a poignant observation on their cruel fate.

In the back of the room, Leon finds...

Oh, cold oriented gameplay mechanics. You never get old.

A side room reveals...

It looks like a cash register to me, chief.

Or maybe you can get change for a twenty.

The keycard rewriter kept in the freezer works...somehow. It even alters the color of the card to a different glowing insignia. Fancy pants technology in these freezers, these days.

In the same room.s

Leon cuts it off, instantly defrosting the stuck hatch. Did the sun go super nova outside while I wasn't looking?

Oh, right. The HDR toggle. Gotcha. Anyway, we now have an Infrared Scope that was stuffed in the back of the fridge behind some Hot Pockets.

Though, nothing comes easy. Equip that baby on your rifle of choice, cuz you're gonna need it.

Pick the Regenerator that's going to come to life. Win a prize!

If you picked Regenerator #3, you just won yourself a trip to Hollywood!

These guys are no longer a problem.

With the Infrared Scope, Leon can now see the Regenerators', quite literal, glowing weak points. There are usually three to four of these on the creature's chest you'll need to shoot. Each time shot, they monster will stumble about and shake violently, then be stunned momentarily before resuming its strut.

You may notice it still standing at this point, despite having shot all the Plagas leeches.

That's because there is (occasionally on Normal, always on Professional) a last leech on the backside of the Notzombie. You can see it easily by shooting out their leg. But, that makes them squirm about, move quicker, and be a hard target in general.

What you'll want to do is aim dead center in the chest, as shown. If you shoot too low, you'll blast a hole through the thing's stomach. If this happens, aim a bit higher than the hole that was made and fire again. There's not a lot of precision to it. The general area should do the trick.

P.S. "You'rrrrrrrrre fucked!"

Pull that off and its good times all around.

Now, we were heading toward some trash.

The next room reveals some fun.

Yes, it's a human version of the crane game!

Come on... Come on...

Ah, crap. It slipped.

This goes on for a bit. When ready, or the device is shut down, Leon ventures forth

He sneaks a peak down the edge. Yes, he will be jumping down that soon enough. The man is trying his damnedest to catch up with James Sutherland in the "horror game hero who jumps down impossibly deep holes" category.

Little of note left there, moving on...

Leon comes to a new dark corridor. Could he not see past the sparking cords, he'd swear he were in Doom 3.

Cries come from down the hall.

Hey, these guys look familiar. Now where have I...

Oh, there we go... Good to see they're still getting work.

Oh yeah, the Chimpster is here too.

Leon deals with the tag-team before attending to Leon.

"I also need you to take that damn sweater tied around your neck off. I know you're going for the faux Japanese schoolgirl look, but it's bugging me now."

Leon leaves her to her devices and goes looking for a keycard.

He enters a nearby laboratory. All sorts of scientific advances in Saturday morning cartoonery were concocted within these walls.

Further in the lab, Leon comes upon the Regenerator's prick of a family member.


Meet Iron Maiden. These guys oh...err...wrong slide...


Meet the Iron Maiden. These guys are pretty much a carbon copy of the Regenerators, aside from some obvious differences. They behave almost completely the same, except instead of bites they have attacks where they extend their spikes outward for damaging results. The ground leaping bite is replaced by a similar attack, making getting near them an invitation to get stabbed.

Dealing with them is done exactly the same as their less thorny brothers. Though, they will always have the leech on their back, so watch out for it.

Hey, takes me back to UT2004...

Anyway, the needed keycard was shoved up their ass, apparently. Or more, embedded in their crotch. In either case, I hate Japan.

While Leon could get to Ashley now, he's going to take a slight detour through this very oldschool Resident Evilish lab.

To the easily missed communications tower out back. Do yourself a favor and toss a flash grenade under those birds up there. One of them had 5,000 pesetas and the rest have some change and ammo.

Loveable Merchant is hanging out back here as well. Stock up!

A bit of elevator action brings Leon...

Los Ganados' make Makeout Point. Overlooking the scenic Sapin coastline.

Leon, finished with his breath of fresh air, goes to fiddle with the radio equipment inside.

Even ironblood Leon says "fuck this noise" after coming up against the Regenerator's and company.

"Huh. Radio... What's going on with that radio?"

Maybe you shouldn't have prepared your taxes with a box, Leon.

Leon takes a short trek back to Ashley's cell.

"Instead of running past and setting up an ambush for me they actually went and moved her. I've got to hand it to these guys, they're catching on. I take back that ama..."

"'s you..."

"Friends call me that, but my working name is Baxter Red Robin."

"Except for the violent gangbang posted online at a nominal fee, I'm great."

"Not the way I came with the boat and little to no obstacles. We're jumping down trash drops!"

Reunited after so long, how long will it last? Tune in next to find out in Episode XXXVII: Reckless Endangerment.

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