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Part 6: Episode VI: Return of the Filler

When last we left our heroes, Leon had managed to survive the onslaught in the village due to a rather shaky plan by Ada Wong in luring them away by means of ringing the church bell. Nevermind how exactly she's going to escape now that she's got every single local in the area barring down upon her from all directions. I'm sure she'll think of something.

Leon is left alone in the village. He gets Hunnigan on the horn, no doubt to call in back-up, send in the calvary, and get air support. Or not...

As well as about three dozen civilians, a few birds, there might have been a cow in there somewhere. It's all a blur.

No mention of the mob riot and being chased with a chainsaw, having Molotov Cocktails being tossed at him, and assorted farming instruments dug into his back? You'd think that'd be something to report in.

Thank you!

You know, the one you jumped off of. Wait, is that getting me out of here? Chainsaws! Did you see the Youtube clip?

*deep sigh*

After robbing the town of all it's worth, Leon makes his way down the appointed path. But, still slightly injured from the previous battle, he stops to see if there's anything he can do to patch himself up.

Health Spray? Herbs? Hey, that egg!

We only need a small pick-me up. That should do the trick.

So ended Leon's mission.

The End

Well, I hope you all had fun. You've been a great audience. See ya next time. Episode VI - Part 2: Lynch Mob

Heh. Just fucking with you.

Further down the path, Leon finds a sign leading to his next location. Very original in their naming scheme in this town.

A nearby hut offers further clues as to what's what.

Alert Order

See, I told you they'd just been sending Leon on wild goose chases across Europe for weeks.

If that wasn't her whimpering in the church with Ada, then just who was that, exactly?

The La-li-lu-le-lo!? Real smooth move leaving your intentions and the location of your prisoner nailed to a wall in a hut in the middle of town. Though, this is just an early taste of the grave incompetence surrounding this operation.

With the location of Ashley vaguely in hand, despite the fact it'd likely make more sense to clear out the church and wait for them to bring her there rather than high tail it to a location she'll be at for only a limited time. Anyway...

Leon finds himself at the farm. Hello? What's that blue flyer.

Free frosty at Wendy's? Score.

About the Blue Medallions

Shucks, I guess Leon was a few days late for the Ganado's Fall Festival.

There are blue medallions scattered about this area, as well as the church and surrounding area Ada ventured to earlier. Shooting 10 nets you a new weapon later on. Shooting all 15 nets you a slightly upgraded version of the same weapon. A saving of 30% off retail value.

Note: The Villager enemies are called the "Ganado", which means "cattle". I was going to wait until they were actual referred to such by name before calling them that, but upon checking up on it, they don't actually do that until about half way through the game. So there you have it.

Leon does the usual in the farm (read: pillage and plunder.) There's not much talk around the water cooler these days.

After Googling what Ganado means, he decides to play it safe.

Then leaves toward the house that may or may not hold Ashley according to a note which could very well have been left hours ago.

On the other side, he spots a familiar sight. Nothing to worry about, I'm sure.

Good Gumby!

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Doom

They must have undergone renovation recently. Good for them.

"All the better to see your tits, my dear!"

Max Brooks, you're a life saver.

Wesker gets bored of sitting around in the dark with sunglasses on and gives Ada another ring.

They sort of figured him out when the last time someone was stalking into town and they were setting up to do the whole mob thing and our guy just shot the intruder when they cornered him.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have the Young and the Restless to watch.

Lady, he only got captured and stuffed in a closet in some dingy house on the other side of town. You had a guy take a bullet for you and another resurrect your ass from the dead. I think you've got him beaten by just a touch.

New objective in hand, Ada makes for this Luis's loca... Hey...what's that heavy breathing sound...?

New objective in hand, Ada makes for this Luis's location.



Will Leon survive his latest brush with death ripped from popular media? Will Ada find the wayward Spaniard? Tune in next time for Episode VII: Coming Out of the Closet