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Part 9: Episode IX: Full Leon Jacket

When last we left our hero, Leon, he had just escaped from the clutches of what would have been a sensible move in the world of villainy. Had it been performed about twenty minutes earlier while the captives were still knocked out. Freed and thankfully still fully equipped, even more so now thanks to the aid of an easily amused wandering merchant, Leon begins his journey toward the town church to save the President's daughter.

Leon finds he's apparently been moved to some sort of mountainside ghetto village of dubious building inspection code compliance.

Kicking open the gate, he is immediately spotted and has every Ganado in town on his ass.

Leon gets to work ass kicking through the usual methods. Including but not limited to

Sniper fire...

Exploding red barrels...

Booting folks slowly climbing ladders...

A ridiculous amount of team killing...

...and of course, slick dance moves.

On the other side of town, Leon finds a gate locked by yet another of those crazy funsters' emblem shut puzzles.

In lieu of actually hiding the keys to the gate, they instead decide to hide two halves out in the open in Zelda style treasure chests.

Your guess for the reasoning behind this is as good as mine.

Combining the two pieces grants Leon a way out of dodge.

Leading to an ominous run down warehouse. The commute must suck if you've got an apartment back in the cliff town and work on the farm over by the main village.

Despite being non-zombies in a village so far off the map it's in an alternate realm, there's still regular trash pick-ups on Mondays and Thursdays.

Leon kicks open the door to the warehouse. I wish there was just one set of doors that weren't double hinged so he'd end up wrecking his knee. It'd be a nice change of pace.

The usual suspects lie in wait.

Coming to a dead end on the other side of the place, Leon does the sensible thing.

Ganado immediately storm Leon on the other side of the window.

They also manage to immediately blow themselves up.

It might have had something to do with the fact they were standing in bear traps.

Further in the factory leads into a tunnel with a ladder leading to the surface and little in the way of resistance.

Just as Leon is giving another victory jig, something catches his eye below.

Why...could it be?

It is!

Longing for the days of his youth as an experienced bass fisherman, Leon takes the leap 20 feet below to fetch himself some sweet sweet supper.


Elsewhere, Ada is just returning to the village. What she's been dicking around with this entire time, I cannot say.

In town, she unsurprisingly encounters a group of... WHAT THE FUCK?!

The thieving villain runs off with Leon's sweet coat in toe. Leaving a sizable mob in his wake.

Sizeable until a single grenade takes out the entire lot of them and results in the only slowdown I'd ever encountered in any playthrough of this game.

Even Cop Dos is impressed by the carnage.

Further up the path, the villain awaits.

"What can I say, lady? I get payed in a currency that's been unused for years."

Ada accepts no excuses and deals with the thief accordingly.

The jacket avenged, Ada finds her way back towards Leon and Luis's new location.

On a bit of a bizarre sidenote, Capcom apparently released a (rather fruity) clothing line for Biohazard 4, entitled "Leon's Collection"



Ye-haw! I gots me one!

Supper's on the table tonight!

Dinner in hand, Leon makes his way from the tunnel and out of a well. Why another part of town was connected via a well? I cannot say.

He finds himself in front of the Hall of Doom Ada was hanging out in a few updates ago.

On the other side of the same house, Ada spots...

...what can only mean trouble.

What fate will befall our adventures in this fateful crossing of paths? Will that bass make good eatin'? Are the rumors of Leon being a Bear's fan true? Tune in for the next exciting adventure in Episode X: Pepperjack

Bonus Content: Sweet Bolt Action Goodness.