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Original Thread: Fire Safety And You - Let's Play The Evil Within and Resident Evil 4!



Don't play that game, you know what Resident Evil 4 is. But in case you want me to fill out this paragraph anyway, Resident Evil 4 is a survival horror third-person shooter developed by Capcom and published by, uh, also Capcom. It is the love child of acclaimed director Shinji Mikami and the brilliant designers behind the previous games in the Resident Evil saga. The story follows US government special agent Leon Kennedy, on his mission to rescue the president's daughter after she is kidnapped by a mysterious eastern European cult. He kills pretty much everything in his way and is a big ol badass and says the dumbest one liners ever and it's all a very fun adventure.

I've never played it before! Well, a few videos in you'll find out that actually that's not true at the same time I do, but I haven't played very far into it and I have absolutely no recollection of playing it beforehand. But also, my main reason for doing this is because this LP is a companion piece to The Evil Within. Both games are directed by Shinji Mikami and therefore share a loooot of similarities from what I've played so far, so it'll be great to see where its influence truly lies.

I think doing it this way makes for a nice contrast between not just the two LPs, but the two games as well. I've played a whole bunch of The Evil Within and that LP operates under the assumption that I already know about all of the scares and how to defeat enemies and so on; I'm showing the game to everybody else, because I already know everything about it. With RE4, I know absolutely nothing about the game and everybody else does, so my audience can watch me experience it from a fresh perspective, knowing what's in store for me.

Please don't, not even in spoiler tags. Not even in wink-and-nod sly references. I've played future RE games so I know at least a little bit about what goes down in RE4 since Leon is, y'know, present in them... but I'd appreciate if you would only talk about stuff we've seen despite the age of the game. Thanks!

I have finished recording the game, so you can talk about spoilers in tags now if you want.

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