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Part 15: It's a Miracle!

With this, 2nd to last update goes up. Voting on numbers is done Enjoy Chris finally getting the hell out of here too.

Update 15 - It's a Miracle!

(53:03) Episode 18-1 - Jellyfish Power!!|YouTube
(2:44) Episode 18-2 - Files and Figures: Chris Chapter 5|YouTube

-Making their way to the oil facility that they couldn't possibly know existed and that Leon just pulled out of his goddamn ass, Chris and Piers take an elevator far beneath the surface of the ocean, witnessing the glory of Neo-Umbrella's main hideout, a vast underwater facility. Right off the bat they miraculously find the controls to the shackles holding Jake & Sherry and after a pace of fighting off the last of the J'avo standing in their wway, the pair meet up with Wesker's son, who challenges Chris but ultimately backs off. The four ride a pair of lifts to the top of the chamber they met in and are separated by the hatching of Haos, Carla's ultimate creation, an unkillable beast that can actively cocoon itself to restore function. Chris and Piers fend it off and make their way out of the chamber. Even when they think they've downed the creature, it returns and is on their trail again, and when cornered like rats by the skull faced monster, great sacrifices must be made...

-Files are a bit underwhelming, the main ones to read are about the underwater facility they used to extract magma and study the organisms thriving under its extreme conditions and add their traits to the C-Virus. There is a file on the Haos and that it possesses a gas more dangerous than the Lepotitsa, a recap of RE5's events between Chris & Wesker, and a file on Piers himself.

This is the most relaxed I've ever been while playing for the LP and that's because I was doing Live commentary! That's how I was able to be finished with it so fast. I like the efficiency but I won't be doing this in the future unless I find myself in a room with several people all mocking the game and each other

That being said, there wasn't much to talk about despite this new area. There's a dearth of interaction with the environment at all, it's still the same action with normal enemies, and we won't see anymore normal and fight-able enemies from here on in a properly designed level. I mean of course there's the cross-over with Jake but, let's be honest, that doesn't count. The big things to talk about come with the boss and I thoroughly rant about it during game play. As I've said, this is the part of the game where everybody (rightfully) gets frustrated with the design because of its precision requirement, then the immediate dumping of you on the doorstep of an underwhelming and pointless fight, then repeating the process for good measure. What a shame we could not truly explore this facility!

Hope you enjoy it, and yes I'm aware that I missed one "failure" but I would have rather ended on the special font I found


There is one problem though I'm having lately. Whenever I upload a video now it crashes my modem and it becomes a chore trying to get it to work. When it does work, I can't so much as refresh a web page without it dying again for about 5 minutes. Dunno why but yeah, this could delay Jake 5...WHICH ALSO HAPPENS TO BE COMING ON FRIDAY!

Chris ending theme

I think this one probably fits Chris too!

Fan stuff!

Captain Swing makes awesome gifs in the RE Megathread in Games.
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I never forgot, Azran!

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And thanks again to Galeboomer for joining for co-op.