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Part 17: Mercenaries Sessions and Credits

Here we are, final update!
Click on an image to head to the video of your choice! As a notice, all normal Mercenaries rounds take 13-15 minutes total to complete.
Thanks to user Sex_Ferguson helping me out with all these stages. I honestly don't think it'd have been as interesting without him joining!

-Starting off with an explanation of the Mercenaries in Resident Evil 6.

-I begin with Urban Chaos and am met with fierce resistance. Overall my favorite stage though just because of all that can happen. My other favorites include Mining the Depths and High Seas Fortress. Rooftop Mission could be better though.

-Hidden Boss is the Napad. Make 15 counter-attack kills before 80 total kills.

-In this stage I find a new counter completely by accident. I still learned new things even at the end Overall, this map feels pretty boring and some of that "Experimental Facility" stage syndrome worms its way in with the Napad swarm but it is pretty fun when you move to the bottom.

Hidden boss is the Gnezdo. It appears after 25 coup-de-grace kills are made before 80 total kills are reached.

-I like this stage. It's small and chaotic. It's the most RE5 of the stages and for that I just can't complain! Although, this stage is notorious for a bugged zombie that comes up a little over halfway through the round. He carries a weapon and he often enters the "I-pose," or the pose that models take with their arms outstretched in modeling software and he is buggy as fuck and it's hilarious. Even if you shoot his head off he'll walk around and still bite you. He also bites and jumps with the weapon in his hand, which they're not supposed to be able to do. OH CAPCOM!

-The hidden boss is a Strelats which appears when you get 70 kills in under 600 seconds. This always happens, so it's the easiest boss to get.

-I don't really like this stage. It's easy but you run into the "no enemies" problem pretty often. The enemy patterns can be pretty awesome though - lots of gas-bags to throw around and kill your partner kill the enemies with, or just pulling them down/dropping down on them etc. But overall it's just not very exciting when there are maps like Urban Chaos and MtD!

Hidden Boss is the Chainsaw wielding Ubistvo( it does instant kill you!). It is triggered by making 25(!!) quick-shot kills before 80 total kills are reached. However, you don't need to do this and the Strelats that appear in the level also count as boss material for the 150th kill.

-Fun stage but really orange and can be slow. Good enemy patterns however, and really easy due to having 3 First Aid Sprays all around the stage easily found. The vertical platforming can be a bit confusing the first time around but it's a quick learning process.

-The hidden boss is a Gnezdo. It is triggered by reaching 40 melee(?) kills before 80 total kills are reached.

-Tiny stage with bad enemy spawn rates. Easy to lose the combo based on the design and easier to be surprised by the level's bosses, the Lepotitsa and Whopper combos. Has the traps from Leon Chapter 3 but they only knock you into instant dying instead of just killing you.

-The hidden boss is a Strelats that appears after 15 or 25 quick-shot kills are made before 80 total kills.

-Super bright stage with a decent enemy rate and set of patterns all complemented by two Ogromen that appear during the stage. If you stand prepared for the Ogromen (Chris' Rocket Launcher kills one instantly for example) it's an easy stage to get through.

-The hidden boss is a Gnezdo and is triggered by reaching 70 kills under 600 seconds.

-Bland stage with few fun enemies and the only one featuring the Mesec mutation and Rasklapanje which need to be shot into the lava. Would have been great if Campaign bosses were part of the Mercenaries repertoire. Where's my Ustanak duel?

-The hidden boss is a Napad. Score 25 coup-de-grace kills before 80 total kills are reached.

-Rooftop Mission is the smallest map. Despite that, it still feels like enemies spawn too slow sometimes. At least its size keeps the action flowing. The action is broken up by many whoppers and a total of 3 Ubistvos, the Chainsaws, coming in at regular intervals. Yep, instant death is just around the corner.

-The Hidden boss is a Napad, it is triggered by performing 20 counter-attack kills before 80 total kills are reached.

-Note: video was corrupted. I'm uploading the raw recording right now instead. It's up. Vegas screwed up the video somehow and I had no idea what even happened, just the video line was extending farther than the audio and it was all choppy and corrupted, but the raw recording itself was fine. Generally the commentary was getting lax and tired and we were playing the worst characters for the stage. Either way, this is the most boring stage despite a good aesthetic. Instead, they just made it a lot of overlapping narrow corridors with terrible spawn rates. Worst part though? The hidden boss.

-The hidden boss is the Ubistvo, triggered by 40 melee kills before 80 kills are reached.

Leon and Chris sporting their new threads.

Lunethex posted:

I've got some Art Book stuff could have been a thing but they were never implemented. Which is a DAMN shame because some of them look awesome. Pirate Leon and White Dress Ada are in the game however.

Pirate Leon!

Alternate Government Outfits

Who the hell said 'No' to Leon having the Merchant on his back!?

Playing as Count Leon would have been pretty badass. His Mercenaries taunt could him pulling out the chair and doing 'the pose.'

White Dress Ada

Personally, I'd have liked that Top-middle outfit.

These are possible outfits for Ada/Carla. That top left one would have been perfect!

More Ada/Carla

Also, RocketDarkness and Captain Swing contributed a little something for the LP! No Mercy L4D sessions.


Both Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 have received the No Mercy mode ("Unlimited" in Japan) in their PC iterations, a mode in which the active enemy count and total enemy count is significantly boosted. In RE6, the total enemy count is boosted from 150 to 300, while the active enemy count appears to be roughly tripled. In return, enemies have had their health and damage output reduced by roughly half. Additionally, all enemies have the potential to drop upper-tier supplies such as high-powered ammo, grenades, and herbs. You find yourself relying on your firearms much more, as bullets have become much more lethal and large groups of enemies can easily swarm you.

RE6 PC received the L4D2 Content Pack for free about a week after the game launched on the platform. This patch added the main cast of L4D2 (Ellis, Nick, Coach, and Rochelle) to the PC's Mercenaries No Mercy mode. They share the animations of existing characters but get their own voice overs and unique loadouts loosely inspired by their personalities. In addition, they receive a new theme song for your biohazard-smashing pleasure: "Midnight Ride" by the Midnight Riders. The content pack also gives you the option to allow Witches and Mini-Tanks to appear, modified versions of Blodshots and Napads, respectively. They are worth slightly more points than their normal counterparts, but can be annoying due to them bringing their own themes to RE6. Nothing is more annoying than a lost or stuck Witch causing her theme song to play for two minutes straight.

Shotgun + 30x Shotgun Shells
Lightning Hawk + 6x Magnum Rounds
Rocket Launcher
2x Hand Grenade

Assault Rifle RN + 50x AR Rounds
Grenade Launcher + 6x Explosive Rounds (Loaded), 12x Freeze Rounds
3x First Aid Spray

Nine-Oh-Nine + 30x Handgun Rounds
Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle + 20x Sniper Rifle Rounds
Anti-Materiel Rifle + 5x Anti-Material Rifle Rounds

Ammo Box 50 + 50x Handgun Rounds
Elephant Killer + 12x Magnum Rounds
3x Hand Grenade
3x Incendiary Grenade
3x Flash Grenade

I did say something about a a mega-figure collection video, so here's that!

And now, the final video that I've been happy about for a while! It speaks for itself as far as I'm concerned. The answers you seek lie within this badly textured tank cannon.

We finally got the hell outta there...
*Provided by user blankd