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Resident Evil Code: Veronica X

by The Dark Id

Part 1: Bad Ideas

That's right, folks. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X. The previous title, timeline wise, prior to Resident Evil 4. Originally released on the Sega Dreamcast (R.I.P.), the title saw, as so many Capcom titles do, an upgraded version some time after its release, a "Biohazard Code: Veronica Complete". This was later ported to the Playstation 2 as Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, which is the version we'll be playing. There was also a port to the Gamecube of the same title with no differences I'm aware of.

This is coming off the heels of Let's Play 4 Resident Evil 4. So, it's not out of the question to expect a few throwbacks to it. People say they were pretty good, so give them a read if you haven't:
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Or in one easy to read place on From Earth's Let's Play Archive:

We go back in time to 1998, when the upstart international pharmaceutical corporation, Umbrella Inc., were still up to their wily virus and mutant shenanigans in remote locales world wide and Las Plagas and Osmund Saddler were just a bad drug experiment idea floating in the back of some Capcom developers psyche.

We come in just months after the whole Raccoon City jamboree which resulted in a zombie outbreak, no less than four titles being set during the timeframe, and the entire city being nuked. Returning this time is Claire Redfield, heroine of Resident Evil 2, opposite our bad one-liner spewing hero from last thread, Leon S. Kennedy; as well as sister of Resident Evil 1 hero, Chris Redfield.

When last we saw Claire, it was during the Resident Evil 3 epilogue:

Ditching that pussy Leon with his "medical needs" and Newt behind to go find her brother. Also, Leon S. Kennedy: ruining his chances with women since 1998 and counting.

I think that about brings us up to date. As usually, any questions and I'll answer whatever... With that said, let's begin...

Super Resident Evil CODE: Veronica Turbo Alpha Revival X: The Next Generation - Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition.


The American mid-western town.
"Raccoon City" has been
completely decimated due to
the T-virus outbreak
that was instigated by
the international corporation

Claire Redfield.
who arrived in Raccoon City
to search for her lost brother Chris,
and a rookie police officer,
Leon S. Kennedy managed
to escape from the city,
but their ordeal was only
a prelude of things to come...

3 Months Later...

Zany '80s special effect time warp!

Oh, just the Umbrella logo. Umbrella is an international pharmaceutical company that are just complete fuck-ups. With, at current, several offsite facilities fallen victim to accidents, an entire city needing to be nuked to clean up their mess, and a really bad sidestory game where an entire island was also nuked after one spaz spilt over a Petri dish. Things will not improve here.

Here being "Rock Fort Island". What, don't all big companies run their own concentration camp style prison facilities for political enemies? Wal-Mart: low-low prices and systematic execution of mom and pops nationwide.

Thirty seconds in and we've already got a view of a handcuffed girl's butt. Capcom: getting straight to the heart of its userbase's kinky fetishes.

"You've got a little something on you. Here, I'll get it."

"Instead of turning her over to the police like rational people, we decided to kidnap her and ship her off to our corporate branch death camp."


Which was, in retrospective, a really really fucking retarded idea.

R.P.D. = Raccoon Police Department
S.T.A.R.S. = Special Tactics and Rescue Service/Squad (depending on what source feels like calling it)
Wait, so the completely incompetent essentially glorified SWAT team of some podunk city of less than 100,000 people is internationally know? Did they have a reality show films after them?

The only black man of the game is hot on Claire's heels.

"Quick! She's got the secret formula of Coca Cola!"

Claire stands here and gawks at the chopper for about five seconds. At no point do the guards feet behind her thing to just shoot her while she's standing there.

Umbrella is really protective of the secret to its new chewable vitamin shape (it's Barney Rubble surfing .)

Come on, token black guy! You let her just run right past you.

Nice of them not to open fire until the girl they're after has already ran down the hall and taken cover. I'm sure it'll be much easier to explain why your men are bullet riddled from an attack chopper to the authorities.

Come on, Claire. It's the French. You could just make ugly faces out the window and they'd flee.

Completely destroying an entire floor of your complex is perfectly acceptable in capturing one teenage girl.

No, Claire! You'll never make it through the loading screen and evade the chopper in time!

"Stairs are for pussies."

"Oh, wait... Can I use that joke...?"


So no less than two dozen security guards were all waiting in silence in the off chance she'd bound into this warehouse. None of them bothered to cock their assorted firearms until she entered. And they all choose to assume the American Civil War army fighting formation?

Slightly outnumbered, Claire raises her arms to surrender.

"Alright guys, we'll wait to ambush her when she runs in here."
"Should we spread out, sir? This warehouse has good coverage and -"
"Gather the men up and meet in front of the propane canisters."
"...Why didn't I take that job at Google?"

Claire let's go of her weapon...

And turns the Bullet Time on...

What could happen next...? Could it be...

The Realistic Outcome?

The Improper Gun Safety Outcome?

Or the John Woo Outcome?

Let's go with that, for the sake of narrative...

Gravity and the abilities of the average college untrained student be damned.

"Not the HDR toggle again."

Good thing you were about ten yards away from that staircase or that dive could have really put a hurting on the old noggin. Hey...!

The back of Claire's jacket says "Let Me Live", a Queen song from the album "Made in Heaven"; which happened to be what was said on the back of Claire's jacket in Resident Evil 2.

Also, stop staring at her ass. I know your type...

Nothing like multiple counts of second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter while trespassing on private property in the sort of, kind of chance your sibling you haven't happened to talk to in a couple months might be here because it's the head office of some evil corporation that you might not be all that sure he was even entangled with in the first place.

Claire is too busy smiling at herself for her M-M-MONSTER KILL to notice the noisy guy stomping behind her down the metal steps.

Well, good thing that canister exploded in three shots or you just would have looked quite foolish.

"An attack chopper and three dozen guys couldn't get you? I mean come on. I just couldn't sit there and narrate this any longer."

"I admit, that was kind of silly."

Eh, Claire. Wait, you've got some minor NPC in your eye. Let me get the drops. It'll clear it right up.

End of Flashback...

Meanwhile, while Claire is still taking a dirtnap, either there's a wicked mosh pit upstairs or there's some sort of attacking going on.

It takes a while for Claire to arouse from her slumber to the sound of muffled explosions. Her alarm clock must be an air raid siren.

The light goes out thanks to the unseen due to budget constraints action fest up above.

If only Claire had hooked up with that tattooed guy in the Brother Obsession chatroom a few months ago.

Moments later, Claire hears a noise down coming from outside. It's only been three months, she's allowed to still be paranoid about zombies. Mr. Six-Years-Later Leon has is just heavily disturbed.

*belch* "Just had to have that peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

Crap, his head is being absorbed by some negative universe entity!

On that less than spectacular note, we come to a close.

What were those explosions? Who waits beyond the jail cell doors? Does Claire even have a lighter? As that's pretty silly if she does. Find out this and more next time in Episode II: And You Thought Leon Was Emo...

Bonus Content

Let's just go ahead and make that update pointless while we're here: