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Part 11: Episode XI: A Prison Break.

Welcome back. When last we left our heroine, she collected a bunch of things and gave some medicine to that narrator guy from the beginning. Also, she got a lockpick in exchange for a cheap gas station zippo lighter. With that said, let' roll...

Well, then. Claire's original destination was that guillotine by the annoying metal detector hallway, so let's head that way.


Now then, let's see what's behind blood stained door number 1!

An all expense paid trip to a Romero film!

Dispatching the undead pests, Claire proceeds into the next area. Another little building is found, its entrance to the right. There's another path straight ahead, but we'll get to that in a bit.

Inside leads to a modest medical area.

Normal people say "dissected", but this is coming from the girl who regularly used "embryos pupate" to describe monster chestbursters hatching...

The back office contains an ever popular file.

Anatomist's Note

Aww, someone's got a crush.

:blank: "From anyone other than someone who gets a hold a basic building blueprint."

Nice crew working this facility, no?

Also in the room, is the obvious place where this "special place" is opened from. Now, where's that doctor?

Claire heads into the back room of the building. As she does, a body bag behind her squirms slightly. It's, of course, a zombie. If they really wanted to be scary, there'd be Carrot Top with a chainsaw - naked. I'd shit my pants in terror.

The next room contains...

And this isn't the hidden room...?

Anyway, there's another Duralumin Case in here. Now that Claire has the lock pick, she can open these things (the earlier one had explosive arrow mix, if you're wondering.)

Gunparts are inside. These equip with the old pistol to make:

The Custom Handgun. Which is capable of firing in three round bursts for optimal zombie genocide.

New little power-up in hand, Claire heads back outside. A loud munching greets her ears.

"Diagnosis: delicious."

2: "Hey, I thought you said it was Lupus!"

Dr. Mengele here is the toughest damn zombie in the game, taking over an entire handgun clip at point blank to down.

His buddy, in comparison, took two and a half bursts to down.

Dr. House gives up a glass eye. Luckily, for Claire, it didn't ooze out of his eye socket, unlike certain protagonists' adventures.

The eye is returned to its rightful place: looking positively ridiculous.

This, in turn, opens one of the very few vaguely plausible secret passages.

Claire follows a dark path, leading to...

A lovely furnished torture chamber, with all the essentials at the ready and an elegant sense of style.

It also comes fully equipped with comfortable viewing area for the sadomasochists who have the time to stop and smell the roses over the symphony of anguished cries.

Follow, as one last treat of this elegant showcase is put on display.

The basement's err...basement reveals an oddly arranged statue filled room. The head statue in the center has a rusty sword.

I'm not even going to get my hopes up this time that some swordplay action will unfold.

As soon as Claire takes the rusty blade, the door locks and the center statue raises. Also, gas begins pouring into the room.

Claire has to spin the statue around to face the one that had the sword. She only has until the gas reaches head level before she succumbs to its effects. As, that's how poisonous gas works...

Successfully escaping her deadly situation in the nick of time, the gas recedes whence it came. The statue then spins about to reveal an Iron Maiden...



Yeah, that's the one.

Since there's a hole and she has a sword, Claire goes to work putting two and two together. The door, to Claire's relief, unlocks following this.

The zombie that was inside is less than pleased, however.

By the by, the wayward piano roll for the player piano back in the Palace was in there as well.

*throws arms in the air* I don't even know anymore!

Claire exits the creepy doctor torture building. Those free clinics are getting harsh.

Now, about that path previously passed.

It leads to a back area behind a building. A box is blocking the door, but can be moved.

This is Steve's original angst fest room. I wonder if Leon is one of those guys that only checks his e-mail about once a month. Claire's sort of fucked if he is...

Most importantly, those previously abandoned items, due to the metal detector, can now be liberated. Remember! Fire extinguisher! It will be useful later on and anything left in these will be lost forever in a bit.

Her business in the Prison settled, Claire goes all the way back to the Palace...

She's definitely going to need a new pair of running shoes when this is all over...


The only somewhat competent villain enters the scene. Early, I might add. This is a new scene for the Complete/X edition of the game.

"ICP"...? Shit! It's a Juggalo!

Dun-dun-duuuuuuh! It's Albert Wesker, traitorous villain of the original Resident Evil. When last we saw Wesker, well...

He wasn't looking so hot
Warning: Horrible voice acting and Resident Evil 1 spoilers.

I had a cat named Wesker. He got hit by a car. Never came back as a super-villain, though. I was a bit disappointed.

"As for how I'm not dead? Pfft. Details..."

"It's quite a coincidence, really. The only thing that could match would be, hypothetically, if I sent one of my subordinates out on a mission to a rural fictional countryside and she just happened to bump into someone she'd been in a zombie holocaust with. Even then, it would have to be a good five or six years in the future to match this coinkie-dink."

"He's been missing for half a year now without so much as a phone call... You have a bit too much faith in the guy's relationship with me..."

"I totally had this planned from the beginning to lure out Chris, even though I probably only knew you were here for all of twenty minute. Even them, I've got my money on him being about to know you were taken to this hidden island prison. He's a resourceful fellow."

"I was sort of implying he's the good guy. I'm not... I'm dressed in all black, have slicked back hair, and I'm wearing sunglasses at 3:00 AM. I'm obviously a villain. Denseness runs in the family, doesn't it?"

Wesker is not listening to this sass.

"How dare he not get killed by the monster I released and had turn on me! Unforgivable!"

"Give him the world's biggest pimp slap. Lemme demonstrate!"

Pictured: World's biggest pimp slap.

Geez, grabbing her by her chin and stomping on her boob. Wesker is weird with his rough foreplay...

Do all resurrections turn people vaguely British? Did Jesus have a Cockney accent when he rose from the grave?

Just then, Wesker gets a call on the Codec.

:blank: "You have to look on the back of the CD case to find the frequency."

"Yeah, that beating a girl half to death thing really helped to get it up. Thanks for the time."


"Just be a good girl and stay in that position."

"Or, we'll never see each other until near the end of the game. Either way, ciao."

"Oh, by the way."

"I'm am the One."

With likely a concussion, broken jaw, crushed shoulder blade, spine trauma, and assorted cuts and bruises (all easily treated by a single health spray), Claire is left alone to wonder if Barry Burton can fly or if Jill Valentine ever got those rocket launcher implants.

What ghastly secrets await ahead? What the hell is Wesker's deal? Is Steve dead? It's been a while and I'm really hoping. Find out this, and more, next time in Episode XII: The Psycho.

Bonus Content

Claire Redfield gets her shit stomped:

A word from D.I.J. - Hero Mouse:

Even mice think that "Greetings!" was kind of silly.

"And why could his eyes glow and how could he jump 50 feet? And why aren't there any rodent monsters? I saw my cousins back in Raccoon City eating that virus junk. Discrimination! For that matter, why aren't there any raccoons?! I shake my fist at ye!"