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Part 24: Episode XXIV: Walkabout

Welcome back. When last we left our hero, he was being educated on what Wesker had been up to in the last six months by means of crudely drawn MSPaint pictures, bad cosplay, and crappy image macros. Also, a Bandersnatch was attacking him. With that said, let's get back to where we were...

Right, then. Wesker had booked, suddenly realizing he was supposed to be capturing that tart on another continent and not showing off to his old buddy. Then, a Bandersnatch was released by means of Chris smashing into its holding capsule. I think that's where we were, yes?

Chris disposes of the Bander and makes his way back to the turntable. The key goes in and the lift fires up.

Which leads to a dead end, save the mildly damaged wall on the far end. Whoever planted this self destruct device had better have been fired or at the very least zombified.

Chris heads through the hole and finds himself back in the MTF entrance.

Well, what's left of it. I bet that phone is still out...

Chris heads outside and kicks the shit out of a few stray Hunters.

The door leading out of the MTF is out of reach, blocked by a few cinder blocks and a McDonald's happy meal container. So no trips to the Palace or Prison.

The lift Claire used during her escape just before the first Iron Mike fight is still accessible. What did this self destruct sequence actually do? Make movement mildly inconvenient for anyone who happens to stumble upon the aftermath?

Right, then. Chris needs those emblems from the plane life earlier. Just a simple matter of crossing. First things first, the bridge.

Why is this only going down half way?

Oh. This game is like being 10 again and having your mother barge into your room and demand you pick up your things. Only, she does it every twenty minutes and occasionally throws a brick at you in random intervals. Yeah, I had a troubled childhood, what of it?

Chris crosses the bridge and enters the opposite side

A puzzle presents itself. It's been a real long time since we've had one of these. What was the last one? The portraits of the Ashford Family?

This puzzle works kind of like the one in Die Hard 3. Chris needs to fill up the bottom gauge to the 7 mark. The gauge will accept no more that 10 liters. The top three gauges fill up the bottom one. The 1 liter one is broken, of course. That leaves the 3 liter and the 5 liter to work with.

One thing to keep in mind, is the top gauges will stop emptying (but not refill) if the bottom gauge reaches 10 liters.

A pair of 3 liters brings the bottom to 6.

Now, adding the 5 liter fills the bottom gauge after four liters. Leaving just a single liter for the 5 gauge.

The button next to the bottom gauge empties what is currently in it, starting fresh.

Now then, another pair of 3 liters brings the total to 6. Then adding the single liter in the 5 gauge brings the solution. Ta-da! Don't you feel smart.

Zombies rise from the grave. Arbitrary puzzling is like a dog whistle to these guys.

Chris quickly exits.

Now then, the bridge can be lowered properly now, with that minor and rather silly obstacle out of the way. What would they do if the oil was out and the bridge was down? Ever think of that, mister Rockfort Island architect?!

Chris loops around and heads toward the plane docking room.

I just wanted to stop a moment to check out these zombies. They're more fallen members of Wesker's running crew. No C4 on these fellow's back. They are equipped with infrared goggles. What to those do? Well, not a damn thing. But they have a cool glowing trail effect going for them. It's like if Sam Fisher joined the ranks of the undead. That would be a pretty kickin' game concept...

Chris heads on out. It seems this is where Wesker was camping out earlier with his Hunter buddies and robo dog. Kind of a silly place to drag down Hunter containers. But, I'm not going around giving super villain laughs ever half hour, am I? Only on weekends. It looses its effect if not used in moderation.

Chris shuts off the power supply to the lift, as it is crackling with electricity and cannot be touched.

Alright, no treks to the Shadow Temple or Death Mountain to get these things back. Just wasting nearly a third of the already limited inventory...

Chris heads all the way back to the MTF entrance.

We're getting somewhere now. Chris checks out the previously skipped sideroom of the MTF.

The place has seen better days. Yet another smashed wall. This one leading to the spooky "geez, the shutter closed behind me. What could await?!" hall Claire saw some time ago.

Poor little guy was just crawling around with a sad face on. Chris gave him a little nibble before crushing his head with his boot. If heads actually exploded in this game.

If you'll remember, which is probably asking a lot at this point, there was a ladder out here that lead back to one of the areas Steve briefly explored.

Now the magical gas which only rises to eye level is cleared, allowing Chris access to the rest of this area. That being a single room.

I think I mentioned this side room in passing during Steve's adventure in angst. But, there's a side room over here with some gun supplies. That dull file about the chemicals mentioned one of the ones Chris needs was a common mixture used in gun maintenance. This being Resident Evil...

Well, what do you know?

That can be mixed with the earlier chemical to get the needed mixture to melt down that lousy emblem. Now...Chris just needs to find that lousy emblem.

By the way, Chris can upgrade his pistol on the work desk here. Just a heads up.

With precious little left to do and the cucumbery odor of angst still lingering in the air, Chris heads back to the mirror picture room.

Chris shoves the multi-use emblems and the lasers deactivate one by one. You know what? Screw you Capcom for reusing friggin' emblems! That's some sadistic mess going on.

Whoever rigged this installation with sliding furniture made a mint.

Chris heads down the ladder, which leads to a dark, spider filled hallway, which in turn leads to another ladder. (The next section of the game is more interesting, I promise.)

The ladder leads to...another dark hallway. (I certainly hope, at least. I'm about to fall asleep here.)

Chris proceeds further into the corridor.

Well, what do you know? There's our emblem.

Being shat on by little baby Albinoid all grown-up...

Aww, with the electricity and everything.

This is the Adult Albinoid - the mutant electric salamander, if you still recall. It is also the single most pathetic boss in the entire series. It is confined to the large pool in the center of the area. There is a walkway surrounding said pool.

Mr. Albinoid cannot exit the pool. Mr. Albinoid's only attack is spreading electricity throughout the pool. Chris, however, can attack Mr. Albinoid from outside the pool. Thus, unless Mr. Redfield is a moron, he shoot this thing from complete safety from the sidelines as it swims aimlessly about the pool.

It took roughly 12% of the Sub-Machinegun (wasting about 4-5% of the clip on missed shots) clip to down the thing in about 30 seconds taking absolutely no damage. Not one of Umbrella's best efforts...

Oh well, the Eagle Plate is finally Chris'.

Combining it with the mixed chemicals results in the Halberd. Huzzah!

Now, at last, Chris can escape from the single most boring portion of the game.

"Well, shit..."

A siren sounds and lights begin flashing a warning.

"Plot convenience. Delivered to your doorstep or your money back. Just sign at the dotted line, sir. You are a certified jet pilot, correct."
"Ex-Airforce and top man of RPD's S.T.A.R.S. unit. All at the age of 25. Might impressive, huh?"
"That's very nice for you sir. Just initial here...and we're through. Have a good day, sir."

Yeah, Chris...about that...

You might want to get on the ball with that...

Chris queue up track 12 on the "Action Hero of the 80's Greatest Hit" CD and takes off.

And with that, he speeds off into the night. Intent on saving his likely already dead sister after neglecting her for months on end. A cute sibling pair, those.


On that note, so ends the first half of Chris' adventure and the last of Rockfort Island. Tune in next time for the final act in...

Part 4 - Antarctica Finale