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Part 6: Episode VI: Item Collection Out the Ass

Welcome back. When last we left our heroine, she'd just come to realize she was trapped on an island full of effeminate assholes with extremely short attention spans. With that said, let's continue...

Escaping the silly little encounter with a guy that cannot even pronounce his own name correctly, Claire heads back outside, succeeding now at the third try.

Girl's got great posture. Anyhow, with the ship wheel in tow, Claire can head back to the nearby docks.


Claire gives the old wheel a spin.

Which, but of course, summons a submarine.

They really installed a classical ship wheel to summon a submarine? Good thing Umbrella Inc's accounting department went up in flames in Raccoon City.

Claire heads on board.

A bit Spartan for a submarine. But, whatever... There's an item of great interest in here.

The Sidepack. Which grants Claire two additional inventory spaces! That's enough to fit either two pairs of keys or a RPG, depending on how you look at it...

Claire straps the sidepack...somewhere. Despite the previous two games in the series being good enough to include a visual addition to their titles' character models, the Dreamcast needs no such attention to detail. Look! It's all in 3D! Gasp in awe!

Claire flips the switch to pilot the submarine whence it came. That's all it takes to work those things? Shit, I'm in the wrong profession.

The submarine docks at a sort of underwater structure.

Check out the nifty wavy water effects. Ah, the yesteryear of Next-Gen dickwaving... Takes me back...

A short walk takes Claire to a reception area. There's a door leading out to the left and one to the right (relative to this screen.)

As pictured. Also, zombies.

The next area reveals a cargo plane! Hey, Steve was right. Except it's not so much an airport as one plane docked in the water. Speaking of which, weren't we just underwater?

Claire crosses the bridge in hopes of finding a way to raise it and access the plane. As a 19-year old college student and a 17-year old douche ought to both be crack pilots.

Another ever exciting cargo area awaits. You may notice that flashing item down below. As well as the lift in the upper corner and the gate straight ahead.

Unfortunately, the panel operating the lift is blocked by a cargo container. Claire can catch a pistol in mid drop while raised slightly above her head, but is utterly defeated in any attempt to mount a container slightly above head level.

The gate opposite where we came in is also locked and needs a special key.

Claire uses the elevator in the back, which shockingly actually is active without needing to power up anything or inserting emblems of any sort.

A panel up here operates the giant crane game. This is sort of like the thing in Resident Evil 4. Only 10x duller...

What designer snapped their fingers and declared "we need a 30 second sidetracking obstacle here!" Honestly...

The cargo menace felled, Claire checks the rest of the upper area to see about that bridge.

Oh for Christsake! Who takes these things?!

I knock back another shot to keep from punching a wall as Claire returns to that lift control panel.

I don't know? Is it going to fucking break off and need to be replaced by a 3D scanner of non-metallic alloy!?

Claire pulls the lever and the lift rises

"Mrs. Fitzgerald?"

"We're here to install your cable service."

Did the T-Virus start transmuting blood into red Kool-Aid at some point? As, I'd completely believe it if someone told me it does... That stuff can do long as it's plot or monster design convenient...

Oh yeah, Claire picks up a Biohazard Card...? Bully, I say! It ought to be a Resident Evil Card!

With nothing left to do here at this time, Claire heads back to the reception area and to the previously passed doorway.

This area overlooks the plane. It's also filled with bats. But they'll leave her alone as long as she's quiet.


Yes, it takes not one, not two, but three emblems to power this lift.

The "Navy" proof which Claire previously acquired is put to use. There's still two more... This is getting fucking ridiculous... What are we up to?

Claire currently needs:

And Claire skipped a huge building earlier, or else the Biohazard card would be on that list as well until just recently. Not to mention, who the hell knows what's in there! Oh yeah, and that narrator prick needs Hemostatic Medicine... Let us not forget we already gathered:

Did I get everything...? Good. Time for a smoke break...

In the mean time, Claire needs to go back through the door to the reception area, back through the nifty water effects hallway, ride the submarine back to the surface, head back upstairs to the Palace front, pass that and head back to the area just up the stairs past the big connecting bridge from the Prison, and head to that door she previously skipped two or so updates ago.

This takes Claire to a small courtyard outside another sizeable building.

Before she can react, the ground begins shaking and something tunnels toward her just below ground, not-unlike Tremors or Resident Evil 3, where they had the exact same type of enemy...

Not what I expected... Scandalous...

Meet the "Gulp Worm". Being a giant worm enemy, it has two attacks. Borrowing out of the ground quickly and attempting to bite Claire and borrowing out of the ground, sticking its head out for a short while, and tunneling back into the ground. Both are easily avoided by, I don't know, moving at a moderate pace?

It is possible to defeat the thing in around 30 handgun rounds or so, but it's a waste of ammo, as it's easily avoided and it'll still be encountered later in the game regardless.

Claire ducks into the nearby building. This is the "Military Training Facility". Rockfort Island is all about the multitasking. Death camps to the south, kooky eccentric palaces for executives to the north, paramilitary forces trying camps to the east, and castle filled with flying monkeys and a woman with aquagenous urticaria to the west.

There's quite few rooms to explore here, as shown. Also, despite Internet access, the phones are dead. Though, why they even have payphones in a facility with an extremely illegal gulag just a stone throw away in it is beyond me.

Claire heads up the flight of stairs just next to where she entered.

This leads to a modest little office space. Yes, yes. TPS reports and all that.

The door to the right is, of course, inaccessible. Needing, apparently, both the air to be filtered and a passcode to enter.

On the plus side, a new weapon comes into Miss Redfield's possession. This is the Bowgun, it is, at once, one of the worst and one of the best weapons in the game. Depending on the type of ammo used. The standard bolts are abysmally weak, but it is possibly to obtain a bit more high brow ammunition. But, we'll get to that another time.

On a side note, all the bowgun bolts can be loaded into the weapon with no need to take up additional space with ammo. Which is nice, since it takes about 30 shots to down anything larger than a zombie.

Below the Bowgun is a memo.

Memo On The Pass Number

"You know, there being four digit spaces on the input panel and all."

"Tom, have you got that chemical?"
"You know...the really volatile one...?"
"Turns people into zombies..."
"OH! Right. Now where did I..." *pats self down*
"Oh, you." *wags a finger and shakes head smirking*

You mean...the one that's directly visible from the window next to the keypad and anyone with decent eyesight can see?

Umbrella is definitely giving Los Illuminados a run for their money in the 'worst run evil organization ever' category.

Claire goes to exit the office, just as she does, an alarm sounds.

I see Umbrella went for a Martian space colony stylized design for this area.

"For the love of God! They're playing From Justin to Kelly in here! Open the door!"

"It's suddenly really warm in here. Also, a bit damp. What's that all about?"

"I'm going to make no attempt to do so, but rest assure I cannot get it open, should that effort to do so arise!"

Nobody told me it was silly hat time!

The sad thing is, there's only about two or three more humans left to be introduced the whole game...

Oh yeah, that passcode is on a picture of a skeleton pirate...which is decorating the wall of their high-tech laboratory... Unfortunately, it cannot be seen thanks to low texture pixilation and distance. Even now that spooky red inky mist has vanished.

With nothing left to do and no more heads to be crushed, Claire heads back to the main hall.

Technojargon! RUN!

It just wouldn't be an update without Claire hugging the floor at some point.

Will something exciting happen anytime soon? How many dozens of items will thedarkid need to collect before Sigmund Freud rises from the grave to seek his revenge? The answers are yes and 42, both of which will be found next time in Episode VII: Bandersnatch of Brothers.

Bonus Content

One of the few unique death animations in the game. Oh God, there's vore fetishists getting off to this right now :

The closest we'll get to a head smash in the game: