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Part 6: Episode VI: Don-gua

Episode VI: Don-gua

When last we left our hero, he was running like a bitch from a transgender mutant. With that said, let's begin...

Meanwhile, yet another entirely contrived character swap commences.

Fong Ling's objective is to activate the electronic lock for the door behind Bruce. This will be accomplished by defeating a couple of frog men.

Followed by flipping a switch to power the floor that already has electricity.

Then running upstairs to activate all the electronic locks on the level. As the security room for any level ought to double as an engine room. For safety purposes, of course.

All the locks on the level are released. Hopefully, Bruce hasn't men mauled by the newly female Morpheus. Now referred to as "Morphine", as I find it catchy.

"I have yet to be mauled by the transsexual!"

I guess that virus manages to color electricity red as well. Willie Birkin had some potent stuff on his hands before he turned into an eyeball shouldered daughter impregnating monstrosity.

Five minutes of bashing on a door put to waste by yet another door. Such is the trial of your average Tyrant.

Bruce and Fong manage to push the door shut behind them. Nevermind the gaping hole just above the door that the monster could easily slip through. If Fongling didn't notice it for twenty minutes, I have little hope for Morpheus having the sense to look slightly up.

Considering the invincible monster probably would have torn you to shreds along with him, I don't think this counts as 'saving'.

Pictured: The worst attempt at saving face ever put to paper.

Don Coreleone thinks this game sucks as well.

I think everyone should follow this lead for the rest of the game.

So five minutes of banging on a steel door was no problem. But fifteen seconds locked outside a door with a man sized vent above it has him giving up. Morpheus' priorities are a bit off.

Fongling decides its safe to check it out...

Well, that's just a bad move.

Serves you right.

For the sake of narrative, let's assume he did, in fact, give up after fifteen seconds and run out of view distance within that time frame.

"That some kinda Mexican speak or somethin'?"

Note: No it doesn't.

Asian and with downs syndrome. Bruce McGivern has odd taste in women...

Bruce wanders back to the previous area where he was initially attacked by men with electric tits.

The door with the blood stains is now open. Let's check it out.

It seems to be the room where Morpheus made his wild transformation. Just think, only fifteen minutes ago a man was growing breasts and stripping naked in here. Actually, it's best not to think about that...

The room holds a few bounties. Namely...

First, a recreation room key. One that has a club at the top of it. Though, if you didn't notice that there's no way to go back and take a look at it to figure out where to go...

Secondly, another file. Joy...

Dismissal Notice

Wait... Morpheus got fired four years ago? For some fuck up that happened even before Resident Evil 1 took place? Way to hold a grudge.

I'm somehow even more confused than I already was. Thanks, Dead Aim.

Back in the observation room, the mysterious locked stairway is now accessible. What mysterious does it hold?

A seven second walking up the stairs animation and another update holds the answers to all...

Tune in next time for extremely strong zombies, the fact the ship was actually moving despite all indications, and idiotic boss designs.