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Part 4: Outbreak File #2

Part 4 - Outbreak File #2

Last time, Barry found and lost a survivor, and then rescued Leon from the clutches of a one-story drop that knocked him unconscious. Good thing the zombie on the right didn't think to take a free meal while Leon was down here. Come to think of it, didn't Leon's transmission come in 24 hours ago? Was he down here all that time? Was Lucia on the sun deck all that time? We've already given this more thought than the developers, so let's move on.

Oh, and before you ask, climbing back up the rope is out of the question. Barry left it back in the cutscene.

There's a save point as you go down those stairs. Now, this room, multi-purpose, is pretty much empty. There's a zombie with some handgun ammo(pictured), and then you can just exit, stage left.

Corridor B, which connects to the lobby, used to be locked, but now we can explore. Those two rooms up top are bathrooms.

Inside the freakishly-huge men's room toilet is...


In the women's room however, there is something stuck in the toilet. It's the key to the medical office, which is on this floor.

Also nearby is the shop area. It doesn't have much of interest yet, but there are some herbs in the register. I think it would explain a lot if herbs were currency in Resident Evil.

Opposite the shop is the lounge, which is much more interesting. It even has our first file in awhile!

Library Doc

To catch up on procedures, crewmen should read in their spare time. Many technical books can be found on the library on 2F.

Don't let this trick you into thinking that we will be needing technical books at any point during the game. The only thing that this document tells us is that there is a library somewhere on this level .

Hey, Barry. There's a zombie hiding in there.

Oh, so that's why I kept seeing a red exclamation point to the southeast.

Looks like there's no sex discrimination here.


Uh, it had the key to the library on it.

Cool. Technical books.

Now, once you hit the lobby you will find that things have changed. New, often stronger enemies have spawned all over the place, and all the effort you put into clearing away certain zombies to make travel easier has been wasted. Some of the new spawn locations, such as the one pictured above, are especially irritating to deal with.

Zombies have found their way into the kitchen and freezer, as well. This is the new palette swapped female zombie. You don't actually see many of these in the game.

Anyway, the reason I came back here is that a new weapon spawned in the freezer.

Now, not only is there a grenade gun on this ship, and not only in the freezer, but it wasn't in the freezer earlier. That means someone put it there. That is SO wacky.

Seriously, though, this is a good gun and I'm saving it for some of the boss fights. There's ammo scattered about the ship, but not a lot.

I wonder if I'd be happier working on a ship? Then again, I'm so competitive I probably wouldn't sleep until I was captain.

The library is off of corridor A, right across from the larger bathrooms, as opposed to Corridor B where the small ones from earlier are.

Hemingway... Joyce... who the hell is S.D. Perry?

And there's a file here. I'm pretty sure this is the game's last file.

Kitchen Doc

During meal breaks, crewmen should use the kitchen on 3F. This kitchen can be found next to the ocean view lounge.

Conveniently enough, the lounge key is found in the library. It's on the way to the security room, too. But first, the medical room is next to the library, and we have the key for it.

Nothing important here, but you can pick up plenty of herbs.

That lounge key can be used here. Or, if you want to see it on the map:


This zombie is holding the "Operator Pass," which you may recall is needed to access the computers on 3F. If you don't recall, that's alright; it tells you in the item description.

There are actually two kitchens here. One just has an herb, but the other has a key for unlocking that first-class room that was locked earlier.

In that cabin, you can pick up... some herbs. That's it.

There's some ammo for a gun we don't have yet, though. That'll be useful later, I guess.

This "dressing room" is north of the security room. It doesn't have anything interesting in it, but those showers sure are gigantic.

Finally, the place that the game actually wanted me to go to.

Where are we going, Mr. B.O.W.?

To the upper decks, my dear.

Oh... are we there yet?

...Tell me, Lucia, do you have any brothers or sisters?


Ah. I have many older brothers. Your friend Mr. Kennedy blew one of them up.





This doesn't make any sense! As far as we know that thing has wiped out everyone on board, why doesn't he kill the girl?

Hi, just popping in to point out that nobody at M4 understands what a question mark is.

but if she is, why isn't she wiping the floor with that thing?

I see your point, but... I remain confident in my ridiculous theory.

Look, if it's her power that's bothering you, don't worry. I know about it. Before you came on board I had some time to talk to her. She said her ears started ringing about that time.

Her ears?

Yeah. Apparently she has an acute sense of hearing. Not to mention her other senses. She also told me that she heals quicker than most. In fact, those same powers got her into trouble with the local kids. They picked on her for being different.

Because she had good hearing and a healing factor? That's like picking on the track-runner for being fast.

She said that things got so bad her foster parents decided to send her to some relatives in Europe. That's why she's on this ship. Not because she's some refugee from the Umbrella laboratory!

This screenshot IS Resident Evil Gaiden.

Look, can you just assume she's innocent until proven guilty? Right now, our main concern is that thing heading for the upper deck. If taking it out means saving the girl, what's the problem with that?

Well, I'll have to do the same boss again...

We've wasted enough time. Let's move!

This is the goal. Note that it's near where the update began. Note also that it is basically the furthest point from the security room. The only interesting think I passed on the way is a save point just before the forward deck. I'm beginning to think a boat may not be the best choice of settings for a survival horror game!


This game, I'm upgrading the weapon I use to the assault rifle. The grenades really aren't needed for this one.

Leon strikes a pose which is almost, but not quite, believable. Meanwhile, Barry's eyes have retreated into his skull.


I think that went well.


Leon, you're alive! Somehow, I know you'd be OK.

We'd better get going, now!

Ugh, my head... Hold on! We can... talk? Is that what you people do?

The correct answer here, after running from chuckles, is to duck into the crew area.

I'm okay! I'm okay!

The fire is spreading! If it reaches the engine this whole ship will blow and
we will all die!

Oh, calm down. I'll call in the chopper.




Mayday! Mayday! HQ, do you read me? Come in! Over.

* yawn * This is HQ. Over?

I've found Leon! We also have a girl with us. She appears to be the only survivor.

Don't forget to mention how we're all going to die!

What about the B.O.W.?

We're still working on that! But right now-

Ship sinking! Imminent death!

Right. Request a helicopter for immediate evac.

No can do! We can't get a chopper up in this storm. Suggest you hold out until the storm blows over. We'll get a chopper out the minute the skies are clear.

You've got to be kidding. Right. I'll see if the ship will accommodate our schedule.

One more thing: we've received some information on the B.O.W. that may help you identify the creature. It has green blood. Repeat: it has green blood. Acknowledge, please.

Green blood... uh... Acknowledged. Over and out!

I didn't alter those last two paragraphs in any way. That's Barry's actual reaction and everything.

Well, I guess you were wrong.

About what?

Never mind, Lucia.

Yeah I guess I was... Listen, Leon. I need you to see if there's a sprinkler system or something to slow down the fire and buy us some time.

What are you going to do?

Trust me. I'll be right back!

There's something ominous about that...

a main computer. Let's head to the computer control room and see if we can find something that will activate the sprinkler system.

Oh, I know where that is!

What? How?

Barry took me there looking for ammo.


Next time: the adventures of Leon and Lucia.