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Part 5: The Umbrella Chronicles

Part 5 - The Umbrella Chronicles

Why, hello! I didn't see you come in! I was just trying to get into this computer room. You'll remember Leon and Lucia were heading there alone last time. Just let me shoot this one.

It... might have helped if I'd equipped Leon with anything at all.

A little later...

OK, that's the computer rebooted, but we can't start the sprinkler system from here. It says the system can only be started from the data control room. It must be part of the ship's security system. In case, you know, someone is trying to start the sprinklers without permission or something.

That means going down to 1F. Save point #8 comes up along the way.

The cargo bays are now infested with zombies. I really hate this place.

That sure is fire. Now, the special storage on the left is one of my most hated rooms at this point, but you pretty much need to go there, because a certain item doesn't spawn there until now. So, why do I hate it?

These three fuckers. One of them stands right in front of the item, so you MUST kill him. Since these three are all bunched-up, you can't lure them out to fight them individually, and there are another few of them on the other part of the room. What makes these guys, the final type of regular enemy, so annoying?

They know how to use their crowbars. Even at long-range, they can hit you. And they WILL hit you. A lot. It's even more fun if you kill them only to find you only knocked them down. Although in that case I guess you can pretend you're playing Siren instead.

But all this is worth it, because you're reward for killing them is...

No longer limited to a plot device for final battles, the rocket launcher can now be used on any unlucky zombie you come across. Not that I recommend it, as ammo is very rare.

With that done, let's put out this incredibly local fire.

Great! The fire extinguisher put out all the flames. Now we can get through to the data control room and switch on the sprinkler system.

Thank you for that reminder, Leon.

Hit it, Mr. Kennedy.

That's got the sprinkler system working. According to this computer there is an emergency fire system that can be activated from the security room.

security room

secuuuuriiiityyyyy rooooooooom





God dammit I have to walk all the way back there.

A funny thing happened on the way back: looks like all the enemies despawned on the east side of decks 3 and 4. That was a nice surprise. Nothing else of interest came up, sadly.

This is the absolute last time I have to come here, I swear.

Who is Barry talking to?

If we listen carefully, we can just make out-

Hush, Lucia.



That doesn't leave you with too many options now, does it?

You do have a point. Proceed as planned, but don't go getting any strange ideas. We have eyes watching your every move.

Yeah, there's a camera directly across from me at chest height. You'll just have to trust me. Over and out.




Who in the world was he talking to? It almost sounded like he was trying to sell us out to Umbrella or something. But that would be crazy. Barry would never work for Umbrella. Wait... crap.

But he's your partner...

Yeah, I guess I owe him the benefit of the doubt. I'll just have to ask him about it when I find him. Do you know where the bar is that he was talking from?

I think it was the piano bar on 2F.

Okay. Let's go there and see if we can find Barry.

And then there was save point #10. Those things are getting closer together.

In what may be the only clever moment in the game, this guy is placed right next to the door to corridor B, so he will pretty much automatically attack you when you enter.

You remember the piano bar, right?

Forget that, just tell me what's going on.


Well? Let's hear it! What's going on!?

Uh, nothin' much?

Not cutting it.


What? Have you gone mad? I am suddenly surprised that my suspicions are confirmed!

You heard me. Lucia, come over here!


Don't worry, I'll be OK.

I can't let you get away with this!

Right now, you don't have any choice.

a rope ladder to a mysterious submarine that awaits below.

And, as at least one person correctly predicted, Umbrella owns a submarine. A submarine that they use for evil undercover operations. A submarine bearing their corporate logo which they use for evil "undercover" operations. The Umbrella Corporation.

Suddenly, armed guards appear on the deck of the submarine.

Yes, suddenly. I guess they teleported in or something.

The following four screenshots need to be posted as screenshots. I can't transcribe because you would think I had made up the dialogue if I did.

Leon Kennedy is a god damned genius.

This is really turning into "one of those days" for Leon, isn't it?

This is not looking good! That sounded like the engine room. Another explosion like that and this ship is going down! I wonder if it's too late to learn how to swim?

To all operatives, is anyone there? Over.

This is Leon, sir. Reading you loud and clear!

Good to hear your voice, Leon. I'm afraid I have some bad news. Our sensors indicate that there is a massive build-up of power around the engine room. Going by what our sensors are telling us it could blow in minutes.

Our sensors indicate that someone is overloading the reactor! Oh no!

Things are really not going my way, today. I'll make my way to the engine room and see if I can stop whatever is causing the power to build up.

Good luck, Leon.

Over and out.


Wait, I forgot to tell him about Barry. Ah, well. I'm sure he'll hear it later.

And now, it's Leon on his own. Now is a good time to collect a lot of ammo which has spawned all over the place in rooms you have no reason to visit. For example, the bridge has something very nice for you.

After dealing with the three Shibito which spawned here, you can pick up the last weapon in the game.

Your own personal panic button. Perfect for those times when you just don't give a fuck anymore. Ammo for this is extremely rare; I think there are nine shots in the entire game. Well, with that, it's onward to the engine room.

I know I've harped on this before, but can someone please explain to me what planet this could possibly register as a hit? She didn't even overlap me!

Through this door on the west side of corridor A lies the boiler room.

Curiously, there doesn't seem to be any boiler in here, but there are some rockets in the location pictured.

Down one floor from the boiler room is the engine room. Here, you can find a lot of ammo and a save point. Of course, we had a job to do here, as well. That's on the south side of the room.

in an attempt to destroy all the evidence of his activities.

I don't think blowing yourself up is much of a survival instinct.

Young man... you can go straight to hell.

Huh. That was a little unexpected. Anyway, if anyone is going down here, it's you! I'm going to blow you right into those steam ducts.

The ones just behind you. Seriously. Gonna do it!

This fight is actually a little different for once. As you damage the Tyrant, he is pushed back. He can't actually attack at long range, but it makes him harder to hit. After enough sustained damage, the screen turns white, I guess to symbolize the steam vents doing... something and the Tyrant finally dies.

Born a monster, I only wanted to bring joy to the children of the world. Am I truly the monster here? But now, I go to join my brothers. Farewell, Mr. Kennedy!

In the end... he was pretty lame. Glad to see him go.

is so severe there's no way back now. I never thought it would end like this! My only regret is that Barry isn't here to share the moment...

Looks like Leon's screwed! And what's up with Barry? Can things possibly get any dumber? Of course they can, have you PLAYED Code: Veronica? See just how much dumber in the next installment.





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