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Part 6: Nemesis

And now... the conclusion.

Part 6 - Nemesis
Last Escape

When we left off, Leon was on a sinking cruise liner. He's probably fucked, so let's go see what happened to Barry and Lucia.

Well done, Barry. It seems you've come through for us after all. Now, hand over the girl.


Nice and easy. Do as I say and we'll all get along just fine.

You back-stabbing... you set me up! You offered Umbrella the girl so you could hijack my sub!

Very good, captain.

(Man, I can't believe they don't just shoot me and take the loss. Better keep talking.)

Being aboard a sinking ship with no hope of being picked up, I figured I'd see what Umbrella had in mind for recovering their precious B.O.W. I offered the girl, and here you are: my own underwater limousine service. What I can't figure out is why you want the girl. I thought the amoeba-thing was what you were after.

B.O.W.? Amoeba? What the hell are you talking about? That was just Roger. He was such a shitty Tyrant we fired him. You mean you didn't know we were after the girl all this time?

Don't give me that. The B.O.W. is supposed to have green blood! Lucia's blood is red!

You're an even bigger screw-up than my superiors. Of course her blood is red! She's the host! The B.O.W. is a parasite! It's inside her body!


In another ten days, the B.O.W. will mature and reach a stage where it can eat it's way out of the girl. Assuming our "scientists" have the right calculations. My money's on it turning into a giant frog or a blob or a sex organ at some arbitrary point in time.

No! No!

It's all right, Lucia! I'm sure I can persuade the ship's captain to lend us the ship's surgeon to extract the parasite.

Don't be stupid! Who knows what complications an early extraction might cause! Do you want to drag this game out another hour?

Listen carefully, captain. I'll give you a simple choice: extraction or extinction!

Ignoring what a terrible line that was, you win. Just don't say I didn't warn you when we all get zombied.

prepares to operate on Lucia.

We were able to extract the parasite via the girl's mouth. I only got a C rank, though. Picky bastards.


You've got nothing to worry about now. Take a look. That thing won't be bothering you anymore.

Is it dead?

I don't know...

See? I told y-

The parasite drains the life from the captain, turning him into a zombie.

Well, this is a familiar sight. Barry is probably unequipped now, after Leon's little escapade, and I sure hope you healed him before you lost him. If not I imagine it's possible to get stuck in a death loop here. If not an unavoidable one, then a hard-to-escape one.

The reason for that is this guy has a gun, which he does not hesitate to use. I'm pretty sure that RE zombies can't use guns, but what's one more Shibito?

Sounds like that thing's attacking anything in sight! We've got to get to the bridge to turn this sub around and rescue Leon!

I knew you wouldn't leave him to die on the ship!

Uh, yeah...

The crew quarters are right next to the sick bay. Looks like SOME soldiers forgot to make their beds.

The far west of the bottom floor of the sub has the operating room. You don't actually need to go here, except for some supplies.

Instead, you can take these stairs up to find...

Oh hell.

Oh come ON! How did you even get on the sub?

Ha ha. You've got it all wrong! I'm not the other guy. I'm a totally different B.O.W. It's me, the parasite! Long time no see, Lucia!

I thought you weren't supposed to mature for another ten days.

Days. Minutes. I was just born, I don't know how to tell time!

Really? That's fascinating, but I'm afraid we must be going!

Wait! I don't know how to go through doors!

The torpedo bay is also an optional area. In fact, almost half the sub is optional.

What happened to you?

I'm not really sure. My AI only lets me walk straight for you, so I'm stuck.

But if we were to the right of you, how'd you manage to move in there?

I said I don't know! Look, can you just move up a little so I can come and punch you?


keeping the creature at bay.

This also marks save point #13. Almost there...

There's an engine room to the left, but it's pretty much empty, so let's just do this thing.

That's it. I think I've figured out these controls. I've got the sub headed back towards the Starlight.

You can pilot a submarine?

You'd be surprised what you can do when you put your mind to it. Helicopters aren't too bad, either.

Oh. Well, I'll bet Leon will be glad to see us!

If he doesn't shoot me first. By the way, I'm sorry for treating you so rough back there.

There's no need to apologize. I don't know how to explain it... but what you were doing, it somehow felt right.

Barry Burton regularly threatens his children with a gun, apparently.


Hey, I've got an idea. If we ever get out of this mess, why don't you come and live with us? That is if you don't mind having a sister... I mean sisterS, sorry. I have two daughters.

Oh, Barry! Even though I've never shown any signs of disliking my current family, that would be wonderful.

I think so, too. Now, we're near the Starlight. Let's go find Leon.

Barry and Lucia prepare to board the Starlight.

This ship's barely floating! We don't have much time! Let's find Leon and get out of here.


Man, not again!

towards the side of the Starlight and disappears.

It's bad enough that the ship's about to sink, now we have to watch out for that thing, too! Let's head to the engine room and see if we can find Leon.

How do you know he's in the engine room?

I don't know.

Now, walking from the forward deck to the engine room would normally be easy, but the developers were wonderful enough to decide that the ship should catch fire in very specific places that force you to take the long way around. Because Leon threw the fire extinguisher overboard after using it once. You've got to go up to the lobby balcony, take the elevator(which still works) up to the fourth floor. You then need to cross the fourth floor and take the stairs and then the elevator back to the second floor. This is annoying.

Oh hey, he's right there in the boiler room.

Leon, you're alive!

What did you expect? Now, let's get out of here!

Barry, I don't think that's Leon.

What do you mean?

I mean it's the shape-shifting B.O.W.

Oh, right. I forgot about that plot point.

Oops! Lucia shouldn't have her power anymore, so I'll just chalk this one up to her being a little brighter than most RE protagonists.

Anyway, you can actually dodge this one in theory, but it's nearly impossible to actually do.

Hey, guys! I found my fursona! It's a frog. I even have a giant tongue. A ha ha ha ha ha...

Ugh, this has gotten gross. Why don't you just get out!

What? Guys I don't get it. ribbit


Hold it right there Leon. If you are Leon?

What? First you leave me behind on this sinking ship, and now you're ordering me around? I oughtta wring your...

Trailing off in the middle of a threat? It must be you. Chill out, man. I can explain.

The screen shakes here. You could simulate this by holding a Gameboy Color in front of your face and waving it around. Or not.

Oh no! What was that?

Sounds like the hull just exploded. The ship's flooding! Leon, we haven't got time to argue. We gotta make it back to the submarine.

Oh, sure. Don't bother explaining anything to me. Jerk.

The final save point appears here, and the final stretch of the game begins.

Remember earlier when I told you the gas gun was your own personal panic button?

The developers no longer have any qualms with sending three or four zombies your way. Use it.

You have no idea how satisfying that was.

The walk back is shorter, thanks to the fact that the fires in the rest balcony have mysteriously been extinguished, so you can take the direct way. You can pretty much use whatever ammo you want on the way. Handgun is almost too weak, but shotgun is fair game. Assault Rifle is good, too. Maybe a few grenades, but not too many. If you get to the end with any gas canisters, then you have stronger will than I.

Almost there...

You shall not pass! ribbit

Oh, come ON.

What? Who is this?

It's another one of them.

Why does it look different?

I guess it mutated.

Pfft. I've seen worse.

I find grenades to be the best choice of weapon, here. Other than that... same boss fight!

Right. Finally. Now we can go and get our stupid ending for our stupid troubles.

Oops! How unexpected!

grabbing Lucia and pulling her into the sea.

I don't believe this. Leon: wait here; I'm going after her!

I'm getting a strange feeling of déjà vu...

Take it easy, girl. You're going to be alright. That's it, deep breaths.

Oh, for the love of...

Huh? What is it?

What's going on? I'm Lucia!

Don't believe her! I'm Lucia!

Uh... what's your last name?


I don't know.

Well, I'm out of ideas. Can you think of anything, Leon?

I've got nothing.

I never thought this would be so hard.

Barry! Look at this!

I guess I'll take their word for it.

Good thinking, Lucia!

It's changing again!

What is it?

I can't believe it... It's... It's...




Yes! It is I, Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami. This is my true form!

But... why?

Fool! Do you even understand why this game exists? Do you have any idea of its significance? The Europeans, they thought THEY could remake Resident Evil for the Gameboy Color! We couldn't allow that, so we remade it ourselves! For the Gamecube! And it was AWESOME! But the Americans and the Europeans, they still thought that THEY had even a tenth of the talent of ME! Of CAPCOM! So we decided we would let them create their little game. Do you see how it turned out? It sucks! They've got the fetch-quests, sure, but where are the EMBLEMS? Where's the secret lab!? This game has non of those things!

But it is all part of our plan. Even Capcom's throwaway ideas are gold. Here, I'll come up with something off the top of my head: A Pirate and his pet... monkey. And the monkey can transform into a... a bell! And they go looking for treasure. See? Gold! Capcom owns copyright on that idea now, by the way, so don't steal it. People STILL buy Megaman sequels, because they are ALL GOLD! Why do you think we made Devil May Cry? We WERE making another Resident Evil, but then Hideki Kamiya suggested it have a lava spider. Just off the top of his head. So we gave it to him!

Where was I? Right, the plan! This very moment, we are working on the next Resident Evil. A game so good that it prove once and for all that Capcom's games are superior to those stupid Europeans! It will be called... Resident Evil 4!

Shouldn't that be at least five with Code: Veronica?

YOU SEE? YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE INDUSTRY! But I'm giving all of you another chance. In recognition for starring in this... mess, you can all be main characters in Resident Evil 4. You need only join me!

No way, bro! I'm not having any part of this crazy plan of yours!


I don't know what's going on...

Fine then! Barry... Leon... Sherry... you are all fired! We'll bring back Steve Burnside to be the main character! With Carlos Oliviera! You three... we can just retcon out of existence!

Now die!




You know, Leon...

Yeah, Barry?

I have had it up to here with this little side-story.

I am sick and tired of keys.


I've had quite enough of zombies!

Suck on my rocket-fingernails!


Uh oh!

You know, Barry... Leon...

I'm SICK and TIRED of being kidnapped!

What? You can't... I can't... croak!




Look! The Starlight. She's going under!

into the freezing cold watery depths.

Looks like we finally make it.

Yeah, it looks like we're going home, Lucia!

Oh Barry! You don't know how much this means to me...

You're right! And my ears aren't ringing anymore!

That means...

I've lost my power! I'm normal!

That's great!

But... there are some things I still don't get. Like, how did the amoeba monster get on the ship? And how were Umbrella going to get the B.O.W. if I hadn't gone on a trip?

Lucia... some questions may never be answered.









Resident Evil Gaiden

The End