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Part 4: Expendable

McTimmy posted:

Looking good there Beltway

This didn't get caught on camera, but at around 9:40 my gun randomly vanished and I couldn't fire. I was too busy being confused to think about making sure it got noticed by Lunethex.

Things get worse as the USS campaign draws to a close. Much worse.

Anywho, since there was forums downtime I'm going to post this one early, and by this Friday I'll have the USS campaign all done. I'm still not sure if we're going to do anything versus related (some of the crew have busy schedules) but that may or may not crop up during the Echo Six missions.

Update 05 - Expendable

(32:31) USS 5: Stress|YouTube|Polsy

~After repairing the Nemesis and sentencing any remaining S.T.A.R.S members to death, Wolfpack only has one last mission - destroy evidence at the R.P.D. After that, as long as there are no other survivors, Wolfpack is home sweet home.