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Resistance 3

by Blind Sally

Part 1: - The Fall Of Man

In order to fully appreciate the arguments that are going to be made in this LP, it's important to have a passing knowledge of the events of the previous games (and maybe even some of the extended universe). Resistance was never the PlayStation 3's biggest series, so I'm not expecting most people to know everything about the games, let alone its extended universe, nor do I expect anyone to have to go back and experience Resistance: Fall of Man or Resistance 2 before coming back to watch this LP. I'm certainly have no interest in LPing either Fall of Man or Resistance 2. That said, there's still the need for having a background of the game's universe and characters before we truly begin the LP.

Therefore, this first update is an "LP" of everything from the first two games and the Resistance universe that is relevant for our needs in this LP. I'm sure there are "The Resistance Universe in 2 Minutes" videos out there somewhere, but they wouldn't have given us enough information, especially not in regards to the star of this LP, Joseph Capelli. I've tried to strike a balance of informative yet concise with this video.

An actual gameplay update will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, please enjoy everything you need to know about Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2.

NOTE: The video covers the following information at the following moments:

0:00 - 7:10; Resistance: Fall of Man
7:11 - 10:03; SRPA, Dr. Malikov, the Cloven, and Project Abraham
10:04 - 14:50; Resistance 2
14:51 - 19:49; Joseph Capelli vs. Nathan Hale

If you've played Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, you may want to skip those sections. At the very least, I recommend that anyone watching this LP watches the last section where I start talking about Joseph Capelli in-depth. It's necessary material for following the LP's thesis.