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Part 2: - "Sad Dad" Capelli

Aaaaand now we have actual Resistance 3 gameplay. I like where Insomniac started to take things in the opening credits, but at the last moment they had Capelli fall in love, get married, settle down, have a kid, and mellow out. We're only two chapters into the game and already this is not the Capelli that we were promised. No anger. No angst. No drama. Capelli seems to be well-liked by the people around him and he appears to be content in life (the Chimeran threat notwithstanding). Despite that, the game sets a good tone and atmosphere, showing promise early on.

Briefly seen in the video were the weapon journal entries. I decided to actually just screen cap them and stick them in the thread posts and will continue to do that for future entries. Not seen were the intel pick ups. Once you have them, they won't appear in any subsequent playthroughs, so you won't see me grabbing them in any update. I will post them here, though:

HE.44 Magnum

"A potent revolver armed with explosive rounds. Bullets embed in enemies and environments--ideal for setting traps.

R1 - Fires armed bullets that embed in the target.
R2 - Detonates any armed bullets in the environment.

R1 fires more powerful bullets that have a charged fuse. Embedded bullets glow brighter over time, resulting in greater explosive damage when R2 is pressed.

Upgrade 2:

The magnum is a pretty solid gun. All the guns in Resistnce 3 are pretty solid. Unlike what the journal says, you won't really have much use for setting traps against the Chimera. The action in this game is generally too fast paced and the Hybrids are often clever enough to avoid the glowing spots on the ground. The Bullseye trap would be a much more effective tool, but unfortunately that feature was removed for this game so...

Anyways, what the Magnum is great for is stopping power. The shots themselves are quite powerful. The second function works best when against groups of Chimera that are clustered together. Tag a Hybrid or Grim in the middle and detonate to kill a whole group. The more bullets you have embedded, the greater the explosion.


"An energy-based Chimeran submachine gun. Very effective at short and medium range. Its fast rate-of-fire and large clip size make is ideal for close quarters combat. It tends to lose accuracy and power beyond short range.

R1 - Fires a volley of searing energy projectiles.
R2 - Tags an enemy. If an enemy is tagged, all additional Bullseye shots will home in on the tagged enemy.

Upgrade 1:
R1 fires more powerful projectiles that now detonate on contact.

Upgrade 2:
R2 fires a tag that explodes on contact and can tag up to two additional enemies nearby."

The Bullseye is still the greatest gun in the series and still the most fun to use. If you remember the Zorg gun from The Fifth Element, then the Bullseye does the homing gun function:

As the description says, the spread means this gun is only really effective at short and medium ranges--though that only remains true if you're hip firing. Once you use the tag function, it doesn't matter how far away the enemy is, they're going to die. Upgrade this gun as soon as possible and it basically turns into the Advanced Bullseye seen in earlier games.

EMP Grenade

"L2 lobs an energy-draining grenade that deactivates Chimeran energy shields and drones. Electro-magnetic pulses may also affect Hybrid cooling packs, causing them to explode."

Despite what it says about affecting Hybrid cooling packs, it happens so infrequently that you shouldn't bother using it for that purpose. It instantly destroys Chimeran Drones and is great for wiping out shields, whether on a Stalker or a Steelhead. No more Auger troubles with enemies!

Shrapnel Grenade

"L2 lobs an improvised explosive device that, when detonated, showers the area with shards of rusty, homemade shrapnel."

It's basically the grenade from Resistance: Fall of Man. Throws fast, straight, explodes fast, and causes a tonne of damage. They're great!

Feral vs. Military

3/23/57 - Saw a death squad setting fire to almost-hatched Leaper and Grim pods. Are
they afraid of them?

4/28/57 - Saw 5 Hybrids attacked by a swarm of Leapers. Hybrids fought back.
Hybrids killed all Leapers-but lost one of their own. I think there are two types of
Chimera now-feral and military. Feral ones survive, and probably breed (who knows
how...), in the wild.

5/11/57 - Grims down by the river turned feral-went after two Steelheads and killed
them both. Brutal. Wasn't even a fair fight.

6/16/57 - Saw a Widowmaker on the horizon. God help us if it's feral...

Postcard from Bogotá

Dear Mom,

We were almost done building the church when the first attacks came. Some of the
other missionaries want to leave, some say we should stay and do what we can. I don't
know what to do--they want to teach me to fight but I've never liked guns. I wish this
was all a bad dream. Hope this reaches you and that you are okay. I miss you and Dad

Love, Amelia.

Bite Protocol

Step 1 - Has subject received Hale vaccine? If yes, disinfect and dress wound as
normal. Subject may be released. If not, move to Step 2.

Step 2 - Was subject bitten on an extremity? If yes, and the bite occurred with the
last ten minutes, amputate affected extremity and move to Step 4. If not, move to Step 3.

Step 3 - Is there an open wound? If yes, sterilize a thick-gauge metal probe and heat
until at least 1500F. Insert heated probe deep into the wound. Move to Step 4. If there
is no open wound, move to Step 5.

Step 4 - Quarantine subject and observe for 72 hours. If subject complains of heat or
requests raw meat, move to Step 5. If not, subject may be released.

Step 5 - Terminate subject via cremation.

Note to John Harper


I've been here in Haven for almost four years now. I've gotten to know lots of folks, but
there is nobody I trust more than you. You work hard, you fight hard and you don't ask
for much. You're a hero to me and many others. I feel like you and I have rebuilt Haven
into a place where families can feel at home, safe and secure.

I know you've been searching for your family for a long time. Lester told me you just
learned they were killed outside Tulsa. I'm truly sorry, John.

I just want you to know, you'll always be a part of our family. Me, and Susan, and Jack,
and the rest of us in Haven. We love you like a brother and a son.

Joe Capelli

Leaper Bite

Cindy: I'm scared. (cat meows) Yesterday I got bit by a Leaper--I know I'm supposed to report it but Lizzy said if you suck out the venom fast enough you won't get infected. I thought it worked but now I'm getting dizzy and hungry and (cat meows)--getting so hot. I'm hungry, I'm really (cat meows)...hungry. Come here Smokey. (voice becomes increasingly distorted, cat seems apprehensive) Good kitty. (cat yowls and ripping sounds) I love you, Smokey.


Hybrids are former humans converted into savage killers by the Chimera. A master tactician, the Hybrid moves around the battlefield, using cover and flanking routes to move in on its targets It has no emotion-- like an insectile drone, its nature is driven by the Chimeran hive mind.

Primary Weapon - Bullseye
Secondary Weapon - Hedgehog

Survival Tip: Shoot in the head for a faster kill.


This mechanical monster was designed as a mobile heavy weapons platform. Its unique four-legged construction allows it to move quickly over uneven terrain. A recent upgrade has added a powerful energy shield to protect its weak outer armour.

Primary Weapon - Dual anti-personnel laser cannons
Secondary Weapon - Hull-mounted missile pod

Survival Tip: Use EMP grenades to temporarily disable its shield and attack its weak armour.