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Part 3: - SRPA Reunion

It's time to get the plot moving. We've seen where Capelli wound up after Resistance 2, but now we need a reason to force him back into the war so that we can get him away from his family and start fighting the Chimera proper. That reason comes in the form of Dr. Malikov:

Of course, he's gotten older and isn't as spry as his file image from Fall of Man would suggest--

Malikov has had an interesting life. A gifted biologist, he has spent much of his latter career trying to combat the Chimera. He is a man who genuinely wants to help humankind survive. His methods are unorthodox, yes, and sure his human experimentation has often done as much damage as it has good (see: the Cloven), but nearly every big win against the Chimera has been a direct result of his efforts. Of course, not everyone sees it that way.

Take, for example, the Alliance for American Autonomy, an American terrorist group dedicated to isolating American from the rest of the world and deposing then-President Noah Grace from office. Grace's tenure as president was a decided totalitarian one, with complete government censorship of the media. Grace was, of course, trying to hide the existence of the Chimera from the American public, but the AAA didn't take kindly to his authoritarian measures. They quickly became a militant group and responded by bombing the Canadian and Mexican borders, attacking and seizing military convoys, and vandalizing Army recruitment centres. They also had moles deep within the government administration and put out independently published newsletters attacking the government. Project Abraham and Dr. Malikov were often the subject of these newsletters.

For your viewing pleasure are two of such newsletters from "America First - America Only". These ones specifically pertain to Capelli and Malikov:

"Real-Life Frankenstein" indeed. The AAA were raided and their America First - American Only printing press destroyed after only seven issues, at which point they went underground and disappeared from the radar. Their "anti-everyone-but-America" policy was a bit nutty, but I can't blame them for wanting to take down Noah Grace. Apart from the censorship and his generally authoritarian government, he seemed like a pretty awful guy. If Project Abraham and the Sentinel program were to fail to protect America, Grace had come up with a contingency plan called "Project Omega". Basically it involved negotiating with Daedalus to spare the USA while "letting" the Chimera occupy the rest of the world.

Yeah, so basically the worst and dumbest plan ever. In one of the Resistance novels, Nathan Hale assassinates Noah Grace for his dumb as heck plan. The death is covered up by the government, Vice President Harvey McCullen then took office and quickly set to work reversing Grace's efforts in order to better prepare the USA for the war against the Chimera.


"A Chimeran rifle capable of shooting high-energy bolts that burn through solid objects, and increase in power by doing so. Effective at medium range. Ideal for attacking enemies hiding behind cover.

L1 - Looks through Auger scope to highlight any enemies nearby, including those in cover.
R1 - Fires powerful energy bolts that burrows through solid objects to strike enemies in cover. Shots that have burrowed through cover increase in power.
R2 - Deploys an energy shield that blocks all enemy projectiles EXCEPT other Auger bolts.

Upgrade 1:
R1 fires three parallel energy bolts at a time, instead of one.
Upgrade 2:
R2 fires a more powerful shield which will damage nearby enemies."

The Auger is great. It's basically your "I win" weapon. If you're in a difficult situation, the Auger can easily dig you out. Like I say in the commentary, don't treat it like a machine gun. Treat it like a semi-automatic. Every shot counts. Maybe not the most dynamic to play a shootman game, but conserving Auger ammo like this will absolutely destroy any conflict you find yourself in. Of course, there's not a tonne of ammo so if you're playing on harder difficulties try not to use ammo when you don't need to.


"A high-powered medium-to-long range rifle. Ideal for attacking single enemies at a distance. Secondary fire is very effective for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.

R1 - Fires a three-round burst of highly accurate bullets. Headshots are particularly devastating.
R2 - Deploys a mini-turret that will attach to the environment and fire at nearby enemies.

Upgrade 1:
R1 fires more powerful rounds. L1 uses new attached scope for better long range visibility.
Upgrade 2:
R2 deploys a more powerful mini-turret that stays alive longer."

A great and accurate rifle. Its three-round burst deals a lot of damage and can easily kill most Chimera in a single shot or two if you're accurate. Once you get the first upgrade it's basically the Marksman from Resistance 2.


L2 lobs a Chimeran anti-personnel grenade. When it lands, the Hedgehog becomes a mine trap, staying in the ground until it is triggered by a nearby enemy.


A heavily-armoured advanced variant of the Chimeran Hyrbid. The Steelhead tends to stay in the rear of a fight and attack from a distance using its matter-penetrating Auger rifle. Steelheads have a heightened sense of self-preservation, and will use Auger shields to protect themselves when attacked.

Primary Weapon - Auger
Secondary Weapon - Hedgehog

Survival Tip: Flank them when they deploy a shield.


The Longlegs is a mechanically enhanced Chimeran Hybrid able to leap high into the air and pounce with deadly force. It uses its increased mobility to traverse complex environments and find superior attack positions above its targets.

Primary Weapon - Bullseye

Survival Tip: Shoot it with a Bullseye tag when it lands--all subsequent shots will steer toward it, even if it jumps to another perch.


This brutal creature stands roughly 20 feet tall, and approximately 30,000
pounds. It was developed by the Chimeran as an anti-infantry and anti-armor unit. Its
power lies in its massive size and strength, but this is also its weakness. The incredible
heat generated by this creature requires several cooling apparatuses which, when
destroyed, cause this normally-indestructible creature to perish from its own heat.

Primary Weapon - Charge and Pound.
Secondary Weapon - Air-Fuel grenades.

Survival Tip: Fire Magnum round at its weak points, then detonate them to cause
maximum damage.