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Part 5: - Remnants

Okay, so the LP isn't really over. Malikov and Capelli keep on keeping on. They may have lost their boat, but fortunately they washed up right near a VTOL. Awfully convenient. A bit contrived, maybe. But hey, they get on that VTOL and they can fly the rest of the way. Along the way we meet some supporting characters. Not too much to say about this section right now as we're still in between major plot points. It's fairly fun to play through, though. Particularly the warehouse and the segment where you fight your way through what's left of an apartment building. Finally getting a truly new feeling gun, the Atomizer, is a huge plus. The Deadeye being underwhelming is disappointing. I mean, it's not like I'm expecting the Morph-O-Ray in a Resistance game, but I am holding Insomniac to a higher standard when it comes to interesting weapons. (To be honest, though, turning Chimera into four-eyed chickens would be hilarious).

Anyways, there's a buttload of intel for these two chapters--


"An electricity-based Chimeran riot weapon. It releases lethal shocks of electricity that are extremely effective at short range.

R1 - Press and hold to release short-range electric bolts that auto=target and disintegrate nearby enemies.
R2 - Press to release a localized gravity well that damages nearby enemies and pulls their bodies into the well.

Arc Charger: As the bolt electricity hits an enemy, if another enemy is near, the bolt will jump to the other enemy.

The Big Bang: When the gravity well timer has run out, it will blow up in a big explosion."

A really fun gun. Very short range, but you don't really need to aim it. The electrical bolt will shoot out and latch on to whatever is nearby. It's fantastic for eliminating Grims and makes dealing with Leaper swarms an afterthought. The R2 black hole drop is also quite powerful and will suck up anything that gets nearby--except for large enemies, such as Ravagers or Brawlers. That said, they will deal tonnes of damages to Ravagers and the like, making them effective against enemy, really. Like the Auger, ammo is rare, so save it for situations where you need it. Ravagers will drop more Atomizer ammo.


"A Chimeran-based sniper rifle. A powerful zoom scope and high-velocity rounds make this an effective weapon at extremely long range.

R1 - Fires a single supersonic blast of energy with pinpoint accuracy.
R2 - Press to charge up and fire a Proton Charge that disintegrate most enemies with a single shot.

Deadener: Places a cursor around enemy heads to indicate aim point for a head shot, and unlocks the ability to zoom the Deadeye in and out.

Phase Shot: The Deadeye's secondary fire will now pass through walls and other solid surfaces."

It's a sniper rifle. It's okay. It has some features that I like. The second upgrade that highlights an enemy's head is a nice feature. The charge shot is okay. When it's fully ugraded, you can use it in conjunction with the Auger to blast at stationary Chimera through walls. It's okay, but it feels like a step down from the Fareye in Resistance: Fall of Man with its time slowdown feature. I miss the Fareye

VTOL Instructions

Safety Violation

This letter is in response to case number 12755-15-6647, violation of safety regulation
code section 1910.21(fM26).

This letter herein gives formal warning to C&S INDUSTRIES and all related parties
involved in business at 128 Dockside Rd., St. Louis, MD, 63101. During an inspection on
March 23, 1950, abnormal levels of oxidation and corrosion were discovered on key
support beams within the structure, which could lead to progressive collapse. These
defects must be addressed by a certified third-party building engineer within the next
120 days.

Failure to comply with this warning will result in further warnings.


David Brist
Code Enforcement Officer and General Inspector

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I want you to make my grampa better and make my gramma stop crying. And I make a
picture that I want you to give my mommy and daddy in heven. And I want more
green crayons.


Gotta Get Out

I got to get out of this city. Charlie and the other Remnants say it's safer with them, but
they're crazy. They keep picking fights with the Chimera. Like it's game or something.
I'll be safer on my own.

Tragic Paradox

"The Chimera are parasitic organisms, driven by a hive mind. We know this because of
Nathan Hale. After he became infected, he struggled to control it, but he succumbed to
the hive mind. It is a tragic paradox. To understand the Chimeran plan, one must
become Chimeran. There must be some other way."


"I have traced the origin of the Chimera virus back to the Tunguska meteor impact of
1908. If the virus was introduced via extraterrestrial means, then it must logically
follow that some type of Chimera exist elsewhere in the universe. The Chimera are a
far more advanced species than I thought. Which makes them far more dangerous."

Keeping Warm

Holden: "I want to build a fire. But I'm afraid the smoke will give us away. Maybe we'll try that tommorrow. Tonight we will just have just stay close. Try to sleep..."


Gary: "They barricaded all the exits. They said it's just a temporary quarantine until they can figure out which workers are infected and which aren't. But I seen those barricades. Nothin' temporary about'em. They wouldn't just leave us in here. Would they?"

It's just me now

Igrid: "My husband died today. It's just me now. I think I can deliver the baby on my own. But I'm not sure If I want to. What kind of a life will it be for him? Or her? What kind of world is it for me?"

Girl's Best Friend

Glenda: "When my family died, I took Poppa's rifle and came to the city looking for food. I met Charlie right after I bagged my first Ravager. He said I was a good shot. And he's right. He called me a 'Remnant.' Just like him. And all the other survivors who fight against the Chimera. I think I like being a Remnant."


"A giant Hybrid variant engineered to withstand heavy damage. This elite fighting unit
lumbers towards its target while discharging crippling bolts of electricity from its
primary weapon. These relentless pursuers will track down targets with terrifying

Primary Weapon - Atomizer.

Survival Tip: Keep a safe distance from Ravagers, and always stay behind cover."

Sniper Longlegs

"These modified Longlegs are armed with a Deadeye sniper rifle. Their ability to aim
and shoot with pinpoint accuracy makes them dangerous, but combined with their
ability to traverse complex environments and find an ideal sniper perch, these are
some of the most effectuve killers in the Chimeran army.

Primary Weapon - Deadeye sniper rifle.

Survival Tip: Take the shot if it is available - Long Legs move positions very quickly."