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Part 6: - The Escort Mission

Yup, it's an escort mission. These two chapters are either heavily scripted or involve escorting an NPC. It's okay. Cinematic enough. Fine for the first way through. Having played the game a couple of times, this is a bit of a low point and I don't enjoy revisiting it. Also, I'm surprised that Capelli was so civil considering Charlie and the Remnants blackmailed him with Malikov's life in order to help them on a dangerous mission. Noooot a big deal, but I suppose I'm still disappointed that so far the game's only nod to Capelli's troubled past is this line here:

Ah, well. We're introduced to our other major supporting character, besides Malikov: Charlie. He's a pretty decent dude. Competent leader, charming, not afraid to jump into combat. He's basically our replacement for Lieutenant Cartwright. I like Charlie.

Molotov Cocktail

A Molotov is an explosive bottle filled with kerosene. Once it makes contact with an enemy or surface, the affected area will ignite and burn for several seconds.

Hale Vaccine

Indications: For use in preventing transmission of, or treating the effects of the
Chimeran virus.

Instructions: Draw 0.5 millimeters of vaccine into syringe. Find a vein in the pocket of
the left elbow. Swab area with alcohol to disinfect. Pull skin taut and insert needle at
45-degree angle. Once treated, patients may feel weak and light-headed for several
minutes as the Hale immunogens attack Chimeran cells.

Mass Exodus

We have taken material samples from some Chimeran towers, and by studying their
composition, we estimate they were built millions of years ago--before humans even
existed. But then...something happened. The towers retracted, the Chimera
disappeared. They were here, then they left. A mass exodus. What caused this event?

Shield Drone

"Shield drones work in tandem with Chimera, and may also summon additional
Chimera to the battlefield. During battle, a Shield Drone will seek out an unprotected
Chimera, then hover overhead and project an Energy Shield around the Chimera.
Chimera protected by a Shield Drone will not take damage. Destroy the Shield Drone


"The Widowmaker is the largest known feral Chimera. This wild spider-like predator
spits caustic acid at any targets it cannot stab with its razor-sharp tarsi. Usually found
alone, some have reported seeing clans of Widowmakers stampeding throughout the

Primary Weapon - Lethal, toxic acid spit.

Survival Tip: Keep moving, and attack its weak points from a distance."