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Part 7: - To the White Forest

There's been some posts commenting on the very Half-Life 2 vibes this game has been throwing down. While I agree, Half-Life 2 is a good game to riff off of if you're going to riff off of anything, I feel Insomniac went too far in places. This level is where Resistance 3's references start to get more obvious. For good or for bad, you're notice them.

Anyways, shorter video here. We've lost the VTOL we only just gained so we're on foot once again until Malikov and Capelli can arrange alternate travel accommodations.


"A Chimeran-based rocket launcher, the powerful explosive damage makes this an effective weapon against groups of small enemies, or single large enemies.

L1 - Zoom in on targets. When in zoom mode, hold reticule over target to lock on. Press R2 to fire R2 - Fires an energy-based explosive rocket shell.

R1 - Press to fire a glowing into a cluster of rockets that rains down on a large area below the point of detonation.

Upgrade 1:
R1 releases a few smaller rockets that will find enemies and deal additional damage

Upgrade 2:

This rocket launcher is okay. It's a pretty bog-standard heat-seeking weapon. The second function is pretty solid, but as it's a secondary function you don't get a lot of rounds to play with it.

Journey to Hanover

Dear Sis,

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. We are living in the fire station here in
Hanover. There are twelve of us here--with your family it would be tight. I won't
promise it's any better than where you are--but at least we'll be together. Do what you
think is best.

Love, Gabby.

God's Will

Bill said there might be some weapons inside the train on the bridge. But everyone
agrees it's too dangerous to leave town. I'll wait until everyone's asleep, then I'll sneak
out. If it's God's will for me to die, I welcome His judgement. But if I can find those
weapons and bring them back to town, we might have a chance to survive another few

Stephen Waybauch

Cooling Towers

Chimeran organisms metabolize at a rate of twelve times that of an average human. This
creates a tremendous amount of body heat, thus they must use a cooling apparatus to
survive longer than a few days. I believe the towers are cooling the planet to make it
more hospitable for the Chimera. Unfortunately, in the process, humans are dying by
the thousands. If we can shut down that tower in New York City, I believe it will disrupt
the flow of power to the rest of the towers, and temperatures will return to normal. We
must hurry to New York.

Just a little nap

Starving Man: Been alone for twenty-one days--no, wait, twenty-two? Last meat was six days ago. Hunger used to come and go. Now I feel--nothing. Seeing faces in the dark. Maybe I'll rest. Just a little nap. Just...a...little...nap...

Sniper Hybrid

"This sharpshooting Hybrid uses advanced cloaking technology to remain hidden while
searching for targets. It has been engineered to remain calm and patient, resulting in a
Hybrid whose accuracy is greatly increased over those of its brethren.

Primary Weapon - Deadeye sniper rifle.

Survival Tip: Use Auger vision to find cloaked snipers."

The survival tip in the intel here is kind of a waste of time. The Sniper Hybrids are easy enough to find just by their laser sight. As their cloaking armour isn't 100%, it's not difficult to pick them out of the surrounding environment.