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Part 8: - "We don't go to Ravenholm"

I hope you like Half-Life 2, Jaws, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Left 4 Dead and don't mind Resistance 3 copy and pasting all of them into a single level! Also, we're off to fight Satan!


"A nitrogen-based Chimeran weapon capable of freezing enemies in place. Affected enemies stay frozen for a few moments, vulnerable to damage from other weapons. Effective when facing large groups of enemies, or an enemy with a quick-charge attack.

R1 - Fires a stream of nitrogen-based liquid that freezes enemies in place. While frozen, enemies are vulnerable to concussive attacks.

R2 - Releases a powerful burst of cold air that pushes enemies back and shatters any frozen enemies. The weapon must recharge after each use.

Upgrade 1: Frostbite Shards - When frozen, enemies sprout icicles from them, damaging nearby enemies. The damage is minor, but a frozen Leaper will kill another Leaper near it.

Upgrade 2:
Freeze Wave - Secondary can now freeze enemies."

The Chimera make all the fun guns. So yeah, in our super serious game about an alien apocalypse we literally get the Liquid Nitrogen Gun from Ratchet & Clank. It's pretty fun to use and hearkens back to Fall of Man when Resistance was able to be a little zanier and arcadey. Works especially well against Grims and Leeches when you're fighting them in tight places or are surrounded. Not so great against standard Chimeran units.



"There is something that troubles me. The Tunguska meteor event marks the re-
introduction of the Chimera to Earth, millions of years after they left. If the Chimera are
technologically advanced, as I believe they are, why would they use a primitive device
like a virus-infused meteor? It speaks of desperation. Perhaps they did not originally
leave our planet of their own volition. Perhaps they were forced to leave by something,
or someone else..."

This is one of Malikov's more interesting journal entries. Too bad this is effectively the last Resistance game and that Insomniac has stated they have no interest in continuing to work on games in the series, as nothing comes of this here.

Pure Chimera

"In Bryce Canyon, we discovered Chimeran fossils that dated back to roughly the same
time the towers were created. I have named these finds "Pure Chimera." They are not a
fusion of Chimeran and Human DNA. They evolved elsewhere, then traveled to
Earth...somehow. I feel I am getting closer to discovering the Chimeran plan, but this
journey to New York is...difficult. I must press on. The answer is here somewhere."

Who's boss

Udall: Alright, men. Let's split up, surround this sonofabitch, show him who's boss. Larry, you and your boys take C tunnel. Mike, take B tunnel--[yells and screams] Holy Jesus! Get it off him!! C'mon you fucker!! I'm over here!! AARGHH!!!!!


A Leech is a malformed, diseased Grim. These crazed, feral organisms will attempt to
rush their targets and explodes on contact. When it is mortally wounded from a
distance, it will fall to the ground and grow one final death pustule. Shooting its final
death pustule will cause a small explosion, damaging anything in the vicinity.

Primary Attack
Survival Tip: Kill it from a distance, then wait for other enemies to walk near it before
detonating it.


This feral monster is the product of years of incubation in the coal mine of Western
Pennsylvania. It is a biological and evolutionary mystery.