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Part 9: - The Train Level


Welcome to the train level! It's--nearly identical to the boat level. Well, there's one key difference--

Cooked Auto posted:

The fact that they didn't just bring the locomotive with them and had to drag with them the entire train felt dumb as well.

WFGuy posted:

Cooked Auto also raises a good point. Is the next level going to be a train defence level? If so, that is a terrible excuse for in-game characters to intentionally use up extra coal (since those things use a shitload of coal) and make more noise on their journey; and if not, there would be no point even in a meta-level sense.

YES. 100% YES. There is no good reason for Capelli or Malikov to haul around the entire fucking train. It's just a set-up for the next level. So the train level is almost identical to the boat level except for the fact that the train loses cars along the way. Oh, and that they put the infinite ammo box in the rear of the train so that we lose it early on. Brilliant defensive tactics, Capelli and Malikov, you two should know better.

Anyways, I don't hate this level. It just kind of feels phoned in. Also, the whole switch to fighting humans feels a bit out of place considering every other Resistance game to ever exist. I get a real "but humankind is the real villain" vibe from it, but considering so many elements are aping the film The Road maybe Insomniac felt obliged to include human enemies to make the comparison more obvious? Oh, and the Beyond Thunderdome thing felt real out of place. Just as much as the whole Satan=Jaws thing in the previous chapter.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is this section feels a little disjointed.

M5A2 Folsom Carbine

"The standard-issue assault rifle used by the United States military during the initial Chimeran invasion. Effective at medium to long range. More accurate when fired in short bursts.

R1 - Fires .303 caliber rounds at 750 rounds per minute.

R2 - Fires one 40mm grenade.

Upgrade 1: Bayonet - A bayonet attachment is added that increases melee damage.

Upgrade 2: Extra Grenades - Fires three grenades at once."

A good gun. Faster bullets than the Bullseye, more accurate, and with a devastating second function. It's too bad that we get it this late in the game, but I won't begrudge it since it's been a reliable weapon in every Resistance game. The fact that this is showing up (along with the sledgehammer) makes me wonder where Insomniac's flare for creative weapons went.


"A heavy instrument made of solid iron typically used for destruction.

R1 - A quick swing.

R2 - A heavy, high damage attack with a big windup."

Boo, are you serious Insomniac? A sledgehammer? That's it? A boring weapon. Strong--it can kill a Ravager in four or five swings, but seriously? I miss the weird arcadey space weapons from the earlier games. :/

Anyways, I never use this weapon outside of when it's required. Yeah, it's powerful, but this being a shootman game, being able to hit enemies from a distance is always better than needing to get up close especially since the sledgehammer doesn't provide any additional bonus--like the swords and hammers in Halo which cause you to lunge towards an enemy. None of that here. It functions as a powerful but basic melee.

"These homicidal humans were once imprisoned for serious crimes, but have now escaped and created their own community of thrill killers. They survive by sticking together, and by taking advantage of any other survivors thy find outside the prison walls. They use use a various of weapons to satisfy their desires.

Primary Weapon - Various.

Survival Tip: Beware of rushing mobs. Use grenades to disperse them."

"The leader of the Wardens. Standing roughly seven feet tall and weighing over 300 pounds, this narcissistic, sadistic convicted murderer represents the worst of humanity."