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Part 10: - Humanity Was The Real Monster All Along!

Everything that happens in this update is entirely forgotten by the next one.

GES Biorifle

"A testament to creative recycling, this weapon uses a volatile Tarydium waste for ammunition. The highly unstable nature of this waste makes the GES BioRifle more powerful than its Tarydium-loaded cousin, the Stinger. It also helps or hurts that this can be used as a mine, depending on who is standing on it.

R1 - Tarydium sludge projectiles explode on contact with living tissue and adhere to most other surfaces for a short time before exploding.

R2 - Hold down the secondary fire button to launch a larger, slower, more powerful glob of sludge. The longer you hold down the secondary fire button, the larger the glob (up to 5 kg). Unlike later versions, the first GES BioRifle automatically fires when the barrel is full, therefore making the weapon harder to use."

Oh, fuck off, Insomniac. Really?

Letter to mom 1 - 7


Dear Mom,

Something is happening here. All the guards left. The guy in the cell next to me says
the Chimera invaded America. Is it true? I got to get out of here. I will keep writing and
mail these letters when I can.

Love, Dick.


Dear Mom,

I am out. I took apart my bed frame and made a couple of tools. It took a long time. My
fingers are ripped up but I did it. And you said thieving was a sin. You should thank
God I know how to pick a lock. Now I got to decide If I should let the rest of them out.
Some of them are real bad guys. But if what they are saying is true, I am better off with
some friends to fight with. I hope you are doing okay and I hope to see you soon.

Love, Dick.


Dear Mom,

I let out some of the other prisoners. But then they let out the rest of them. There is
this one guy, Mick Cutler. He is the leader of a big gang. I told Mick we need to figure
out a plan for getting out of the prison. But he told me we will be safer inside the
prison. Maybe he is right. I went outside once last week, to a town across the river, and
it was bad. I hope things are okay wherever you are.

Love, Dick.


Dear Mom,

Mick cornered me today. He told me I had to join his gang if I wanted to keep getting
food and water. A power play. I reminded him without me he would be rotting in his
cell. He reminded me that without him and his pal Herbert, prison would be swarming
with Chimera. I wanted to tell him Herbert is not his pal, but that would have been a
bad idea. Anyway, there was nothing I could do. We are running out of food. I hope you
have food where you are, and I still hope you still have crosswords to keep busy.

Love, Dick.


Dear Mom,

We took a trip outside today. It is real bad out here. Most of the food is gone. We found
a few survivors. I said to Mick we should team up with them. But Mick had other ideas. I
couldn't watch. I hope you have found some nice people to take care of you.

Love, Dick.


Dear Mom,

Mick has to be stopped. I know it is bad out there, but I think it might be just as bad in
here. This is no way for human beings to live. He is an animal. And he is turning the
rest of us into animals. I think I am going to try and kill him. It is going to be hard. Other
guys have tried to kill him and take over. But they were found out and butchered. That
aint going to be me. I'm smarter than them. I will be real patient and wait for the right
moment. Wish me luck.

Love, Dick.


Dear Mom,

I think Mick is on to me. Some of his guys have been watching me real close lately. My
only hope now is escape. Once it gets dark, I am going to run. All this time I have been
afraid to leave the prison, and now I am afraid to stay. I hope I get to see you soon. If
not, I hope to see you in heaven.

Love, Dick.

Can you hear them?

"I am honored to have Doctor Malikov's journal. And a bit intimidated. It will take time to
wrap my head around all of this data. However, one event, early in his notes, seems
significant. He writes that he interviewed Joseph Capelli after he killed Nathan Hale.
Joseph said Hale uttered a mysterious phrase when the wormhole first appeared in
the sky. Hale said, "Can you hear them? It's beautiful." Who is "them," and what does it
have to do with the wormhole? Hmm. I must research further--there is much to learn."

Note: whereas Malikov's VA read out these particular entries up until his death, Herbert's VA will read them out up until the conclusion of the game. So, uh, imagine Herbert is reading this text aloud.

Also, I was kidding about the Mutator entry. Here's what it actually says in the journal:

"A biological projectile weapon that infects enemies with a modified strain of the Chimeran Virus. Overexposure causes a painful and violent death.

Press and hold R1 to charge up the weapon. Fires infectious biological projectiles.
When an enemy is overexposed, it grows a large, explosive pustule and falls to the
ground. The pustule can be detonated with another weapon, or it will explode on its
own after several seconds.

R2 - Releases a large, toxic cloud of infectious fluid. Enemies inside the cloud
become incapacitated until the cloud disperses.

Upgrade 1: Puppet Master - Transforms enemies into living bombs that target other enemies.

Upgrade 2: Fog of Death - Releases a larger cloud of infectious fluid that inflicts more damage over a larger amount of time."

But seriously, not only is this gun nearly 1-for-1 a knock off of Unreal and Unreal Tournament's Biorifle, it's just kind of a garbage weapon. It's fine here because--well, it's all you have and it works well enough. Once you get out of the prison and recover your other guns you're not going to find a lot of use for it. This illustrates another problem with the whole Graterford Prison section. Just as all the Wardens, Mick Cutler, and Herbert Sawicki are done and forgotten at the end of these chapters, so too are the weapons. The Sledgehammer and Mutator suck. Compared to everything else we've been given they are terrible and ineffective weapons. It's unlikely you're going to want to use them throughout the rest of the game. Not only that, there's no real reason to use them throughout the rest of the game. At least other weapons fill a niche. The Sledgehammer and Mutator are just boring gimmick guns.