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by Blind Sally

Part 11: - The Snow Level

The conclusion for Resistance 3 is more or less identical to that of Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 in that we find ourselves entering a wandering around Chimeran architecture looking for a glowing something-something to shoot at until the whole thing explodes triggering a larger chain-reaction of explosion. In Fall of Man, it was the Chimeran Tower of London which in turn detonated every other tower in the UK. In R2, it was Daedalus's flagship which in turn triggered every other Chimeran battleship above the Gulf of Mexico to explode spectacularly.

While it's not an original ending, it's actually a lot of fun and a welcome change from ripping of Half-Life 2 and the whole Warden thing. Resistance is returning to its roots, using the DOOM principle of having a single guy running around with a lot of guns shooting at horrible monsters. It's more or less straight combat throughout the next several chapters and the set-pieces and arenas are all solid making this part of the game rather enjoyable. I wouldn't say it's good enough to save the game from the massive slump it's been in (I'll leave that up to you), but this is a marked improvement.

Six Bullets

Mathison: Sergeant Mathison, Victor Company. Day Six. I'm all alone now. Found a sniper perch in Washington Square. But I ain't gonna be here long. I'm staring at thirty Hybrids sniffing around for me, with a dozen drones about to fly up my ass. Got six bullets left. One grenade. Here we go.

Bad Idea

Mathison: Sergeant Mathison, Victor Company. Day three. Subways were a bad idea. Four men down already. Tubes are full of Grims, and worse. The three of us are holding our own, but running low on ammo. If we can make it to the next platform, we'll head above ground.

They are coming--

"In Doctor Malikov's last entry, he said something fought back against the Chimera millions of years ago, caused them to leave Earth, retract their towers and close the wormhole. I believe this was another alien race--but that's not the important part. It's Hale. When he asked Joseph, "Can you hear them?" he was referring to Pure Chimera. They were talking to him through the wormhole, telepathically. Now Earth is getting colder by the day. Why? Why? Because the Pure Chimera are coming. Once the planet is cold enough, millions--maybe billions--of Pure Chimera are going to come through that wormhole. I can only hope Joseph is successful in New York. Who knows what horrors might travel through that hole in the sky..."

Wildfire Hybrid

A Hybrid engineered with a stronger physique in order to wield a Wildfire rocket launcher. This burly Chimera will typically place itself at a distance from its target, on higher ground, to take advantage of the destructive power of its rocket projectiles.

Primary Weapon - Wildfire rocket launcher.

Survival Tip: Snipe them from cover. Don't get caught in the open.