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Part 12: - Sad Dad's Last Stand

Capelli begins the final approach to the Chimeran tower. Hang in there, big guy.

Particle Smashing

S.R.P.A. Research Team Delta.

Regarding the mechanical physics of the New York City tower. It appears the particle beam released into the sky is making contact with a second beam at some point in space outside our atmosphere. We believe this event, smashing particles into one another at incredibly high speeds, is causing a Lambda particle manifold, connecting two separate regions of space time. Somehow the Chimera have discovered a way to keep the beams perfectly in phase, factoring in the rotation and orbit of Earth. These findings are speculative, and subject to error. But it is the belief of this research team that the primary purpose of this phenomenon in the sky is a method of travel.


Mathison: Sergeant Mathison, Victor Company. Day two-battle is all but over. Fucking bloodbath. We found four other guys from Oscar Company--goddamned Chimera are starting to spread out and look for survivors. Once it gets dark we'll move out--try to get to the subways.

Fall Back

Mathison: Sergeant Mathison, Victor Company. Our VTOL went down. Three survivors. We're two clicks from the tower--but we're not getting any closer. There's about a hundred Goliaths and Stalkers lined up at the entrance. Can't believe what these bastards have done to our city. We're gonna fall back, and regroup.