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Part 14: - And All The Chimera Died, The End

That's it. Game is over and I'm nearly done my Resistance 3 rant. Happy ending all around.

It's--well, fine, I guess. It doesn't feel in the spirit of the earlier games. It's a little too happy. The earlier games ended on bittersweet notes: the battle was hard fought but far from over. That said, if the game cut out entirely after Capelli got home, I'd have less to complain about. As Herbert says in the last Malikov journal entry, there are still billions of Chimera out there. Even though Joe has succeeded in stranding the Hybrids on Earth and cutting off the Pure Chimera, there's still the very real possibility of the remaining forces occupying the planet indefinitely and continuing the terraforming process. That's not even mentioning the Feral Chimera which are reproduces in large numbers by unknown means.

But then the end credits play and, well, it really does play out as if the Chimeran menace has been defeated. We hear the radio reports from around the world of humanity overthrowing the Chimera and then are treated to all these pictures of humanity rebuilding. Let me tell you, humanity wouldn't be rebuilding if billions of Chimera were still about bombing them all to hell and terraforming the planet. They'd be building more weapons and defenses, if anything, not the Statue of Liberty--but that's not what's presented.

I guess Capelli's actions inspired the whole planet to "win the war".

Go Capelli.

What a lame ending.

Oh, and I suppose I should comment on the character assassination. Capelli in R3 is not what we had in R2. At all. You've seen the whole LP now. R3 Capelli is undeniably NOT-Capelli. He's just some generic Sad Dad Guy. He has Capelli's name, he has Capelli's scars, but that's it. Malikov making an off-hand comment in the first hour of the game about how Capelli "still has anger issues" does not satisfy all the world-building that was done beforehand (reminder: this included the previous game, comics, a novel, and an online ARPG). Having Capelli justifiable get intensely angry when a bunch of psychopaths blow up his train and murder Malikov in front of him also doesn't satisfy. Both those instances were completely justifiable and reasonable junctures in the game for a normal person to get angry, as opposed to being the actions of a troubled man.

I don't really have any thoughts on how the narrative could have been changed to fix this (though certain posters in this thread have certainly made excellent cases on how Capelli's past could have actually been incorporated into the game's narrative). I suppose having Capelli speak outside of cutscenes would have helped. It wouldn't have required Insomniac to change anything about the existing game aside from new dialogue. But oh well.

This is what we got.

A decent ending to an okay game. One that shamelessly ripped off numerous other intellectual properties in lazy and uninteresting ways, but an okay game nonetheless. I hoped you enjoyed watching the LP.

Thanks for letting me rant.