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Part 4: Prologue: The Monster

The third part of the prologue, and this one is a bit different. Click on the image to watch the video.

This is our final character, Anna. We'll find out more about her in the coming parts.

Like last segment demonstrated the use of Short Term Memory, this one does the same for Long Term Memory. Other than that, the pressure is not just for show, we are indeed on a time limit and if the monster manages to break down the door, we will have to start over from the beginning of this part. Locking the door as your first action, however, increases the time limit quite a bit, so if you do that you should be quite comfortable to accomplish everything necessary, there's even room for errors as you've seen. The game will always make it seem you finished in the nick of time though!

There is actually enough time to "escape" even if you don't lock the door, but you must already know what to do in advance, i.e. what's the code for the chest and so on.

I forgot to mention that in the previous part with Ray, all names and passwords are randomised and won't be the same in different playthoughs; however the code on the bear is always the same.

This the last of the four characters; there is one more short part of the introduction and then we can move on to the real plot of the game.