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Original Thread: Armand Leboeuf's Kitchen Nightmares: Let's Play Restaurant Empire!



Intro video:

Restaurant Empire is a 2003 restaurant sim game for the PC developed by Enlight Software. Enlight made a sequel in 2009 which included both the original Restaurant Empire as well as a new campaign following the story of Restaurant Empire 1. I will be playing the original game as included in Restaurant Empire 2.

Why would you play this game?

Restaurant Empire is kind of an obscure game. I've never met anyone else who has played this game, and Restaurant Empire 2 currently has a "Mixed" rating on Steam, which would normally suggest that the game is garbage. However, I really like the game, and I think it has a lot of charm. It's got a weird plot, incredibly ugly restaurants and all your customers are assholes who want you to pay them $20,000 so they can reveal the secret of adding cinnamon to your pork casserole.

Can I help run this restaurant into the ground?

Yes, you can! For one, I'll need the thread's help putting together the menu and deciding on the decor for our restaurant, Treize à Table, as well as any other restaurants we acquire throughout the game.

Note that some recipes are really bad in gameplay terms, either because they take a long time to prepare or they have really slim (or even negative) profit margins. In the spirit of being a terrible amateur restauranteur, I'll put those recipes on the menu if you really want me to, but I may have to temporarily remove them if they are making it really difficult for me to finish a mission!

Table of Contents


DAMN IM HUNGRY's portrait of Armand.

Aesculus' gif of Armand's sweet moves.

Nondevor's more accurate representation of our recipe for Crepes Marcie

habeasdorkus' fabulous sign for our ristorante La Cosa Nostra

MaxieSatan's cooking tips

lofi's awesome rebranding of the Gentille Alouette

Zagglezig's kickass logo for the Funky Elvis
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