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by Dragonatrix

Part 18: The Adventure Finally Begins

Told ya I wasn't making it up. It doesn't really make it any better though...

: I'm going on a journey.
: Journey? For what? Don't tell me that you're going to rescue the Prince.
: ...
: Cornet, I'm taking to you!
: ...Yeah. What's wrong with that?
: What's wrong with that, she says... Are you crazy? I think you've been blowing your horn too hard. You do realise how difficult it'll be for you to rescue the Prince!? You'll have to fight with that dreadful witch too!
: Well, I know you won't listen to me. So I'll have to go with you.
: Kururu... Thank you...

One fade to black later.

And that's why the box art has Cornet dressed differently to how she's looked for the past four chapters. You didn't think she'd look normal for the entire game did you? This is an RPG after all...

: Okay. I guess I'm ready!
: ...Well then, let's go.

Shame we have somewhere in the region of no bloody clue of where to start looking.

: What?
: Kururu told me everything.
: I knew you wouldn't listen to me even if I tried to stop you from going. So I went ahead and told ol' Grandpa here.
: If you want to save the Prince, go to the Tower of Wisdom in BlueCat. An old friend of mine lives there, and I'm sure he can help you. You can probably take a ship from Mothergreen to get to BlueCat. I didn't realise... You've become so mature. No wonder I'm so old... Listen, Cornet. Come back any time when you get tired. Remember, this is your home.
: Yeah! Thanks for everything, Grandpa.
: Kururu. Take care of Cornet!
: Yeah, yeah, don't I always? You worry too much.
: Well...we better go now.

Hmm... the Tower of Wisdom in BlueCat? Well, we know of one named character who lives alone in BlueCat (see: prologue mailbox). That in itself doesn't mean it's the same person though. Speaking of the mail...

NEWS FLASH! During a party at Marl's Castle, our beloved Prince was kidnapped! Evidently, the Prince was turned to stone and taken by the 4 witches of the... MARJOLY FAMILY! Let's pray for the safe return of your beloved Prince. We will keep you updated.

That's the last time we'll ever need to read the mail. We'll need to check the mailbox itself one last time, though. For now, let's not worry about that and just go to Mothergreen to get a ship to BlueCat.

...Oh. That, uh, that might be a bit of a problem. Let's go see if we can do something about it.

Captain: What!? You want me to take you where? I can't leave my daughter. She stopped eating because her boyfriend told her that she was fat. Do you think you can helpme? I'm desperate... By the way, she loves to eat toad. If you can make her happy, I'll take you anywhere with my battleshi... uh, boat.

It just had to be a toad, didn't it? Well, let's just go get this blatant fetch quest over with. Last time we saw some of those, it was at the Wonder Woods so they're likely still there.

Just in case you've forgotten, I guess. Though it might be because of a different reason...

The enemies have changed (as has the battle music)! Every guide for this game appears to list this change as occuring after the actual contest though it doesn't actually occur until the beginning of this chapter. You could try to argue that the dance counts as part of the contest, though you'd be wrong. The game made it quite clear that they're different events. Anyway, the enemies might have gotten stronger but that doesn't actually mean they're harder to handle. The things around here are still ridiculously weak after all.

Well, that was just too easy; Toads themselves haven't been buffed though their stronger palette swapped versions are hanging around the area too (though the first encounter at the river is always against some regular Toads).

Dammit Murphy.

: Toads, toads, toads! We'll take them home and ask Mr. Burg to make us some toad BBQ, meow! Mr. Burgs new recipe, toad BBQ, is cheap, delicious, and nutritious, meow! Those toads will be ours!

Technically, these guys will last longer than the PoisonMushrooms above. Because there's three of them. Aside from that, they're as trivial as ever.

Oddly, Kururu learns this at the same level that Sharte does. Sharte learned it earlier because Kururu removed herself from the party for a brief while back in chapter 2.

Captain: Really? I didn't expect you to find one so quickly. Well, my daughter will definitely not eat it raw... Anyway, what shall we do? A-ha! I know! Why don't you cook it too? It won't be that much trouble.

: Well, what are we gonna do now? Are you gonna cook a toad cuisine?
: I don't know... you know I can't even stand being around toads.
Soldier: His daughter loves the toad dish from the RESTAURANT ON THE LAKE.

Conveniently, that's not too far from here. It's even in Mothergreen.

Customer: ...He was talking about taking over the world or something. What kind of name is Burg, anyway?

...Urgh, him again. Well, I don't know what this guy's problem is anyway; nothing odd about a giant evil cat chef wanting to take over the world. Sure, it might be a bit too ambitious for a minor villain but a goal's a goal.

Next time: Burg's Restaurant, again, and BlueCat.