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Part 1: Riho's fandom

Oh yeah, that image reminds me...

Since this thread is apparently approaching its final days, I guess I should mention the post I did over in the weird fan art thread when I got curious and started googling her name. See, Riho's apparently pretty popular but only with a certain select group of people. You might call her the patron saint of giantess stuff because that's almost the only reason people draw her.

Just as warning, everything's about as work safe as the usual videos in this thread.

*dat perspective*

Then there's this poorly drawn flash animation. It involves breaking buildings, the military, and vore.

That person, for whatever reason, also hosted an entire doujin dedicated to Riho and what I assume is a good chunk of the D3 cast of characters. I put it on Imgur for easy viewing. It's untranslated though it probably shouldn't be too hard to break out my second grade level Japanese and get a rough translation out if anyone's interested. The title on the first page is "The Giant Beauty Crossover".

The last thing of note I found was some youtube video of Riho dancing and singing while giant. I'll be honest, the only reason why it's here is because I found it funny that she was knocking down buildings while dancing.

When people weren't drawing her being giant and in her swimsuit, she's in a maid outfit:

The last one's official art from a game called Dream C Club. A quick googling says it's a hostess club game for the XBOX 360 where you try to hook up with the various girls, so a dating sim but even sleazier than usual. That includes a bunch of sexual minigames but not enough to keep it off the XBOX 360. It was never translated to English, so I'm going to take a wild guess and say SelenicMartian isn't covering it next.

I mean, come on, who doesn't want to date that face?

Hope you enjoyed your dosage of weird Riho shit.